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Craft Wholesale UK

  • Moving Your Wholesale Business From Ebay to Your Website

    Using Ebay to sell your wholesale crafts and craft supplies is a very good idea as you are able to reach millions of potential customers.  As one of the top 20 most visited sites on the internet today, Ebay has successfully helped businesses and individuals worldwide make money by selling goods in an online platform that allows you to promote your products to a global audience. However, as your wholesale craft business grows, using Ebay may not be enough to meet the needs of your company.

    Therefore, creating your own website may be the next step to bringing your business to the next level.  But if you've gotten so used to selling wholesale crafts on Ebay, switching to your own website may not be so easy.

    To help make that transition easier and smoother, here are 5 tips to make that smooth move from Ebay to your very own website:

    First, Don't Quit Ebay All At Once
    Sure, you now have your own website where you no longer have to adhere to rules and pay certain fees.  But how are you going to generate traffic?  Don't quit Ebay cold turkey.  Maintain your presence on the site to attract more customers, but you can put a link to your website by placing it in your Ebay's About Page or at your product's description.  Even if you have your own site, you can still use Ebay to generate traffic and to have your business known.

    Second, Create a Mailing List
    Get your previous and regular customers' contacts from your Ebay transactions, and email them telling them about your new website.  You can also give out coupons or promo codes in your email, to entice them to visit your site.

    Third, Create a Social Media Presence
    Create a Facebook or Twitter account, post photos on Instagram or Pinterest, and attract followers.  Place your website's links on your pages, and drive traffic to your site.  Almost all businesses today have a social media presence and if you don't have one, then you'll surely miss out.

    Fourth, Provide a Pay Pal Function
    Paying on Ebay is mostly used through Pay Pal.  Create the same ease in your new website by offering the same payment method.  You can coordinate with Pay Pal and put this function on your site so customers will find it easy to send their payments to you.  Safe and secure, Pay Pal is the most used method to pay and be paid in the world.

    Create an Affiliate Program
    If you just launched your website, it can be a challenging thing to get people talking about your business.  Sure you can use social media but to maximize your on line presence, creating an affiliate program will boost your traffic.  By having bloggers and writers write about your site and providing them a link, they are giving you low-cost advertising that's proven to be effective.  You just have to pay them a small amount every time someone clicks on the link from their site, and you'll immediately get a potential customer directed to your website.

  • Joining a Craft Fair for the 1st Time? Here are Some Do’s and Don’ts

    Joining a craft fair for the very first time is like an unwritten initiation for anyone who’s just begun making a profit out of selling their own handmade products. This is where you get to meet other crafters who are just as passionate about their crafts as you, as well as bigger businesses like craft wholesale UK suppliers.

    But before you jump in on your first chance of showing what you can do to the general public, it’s time you equip yourself with a few Do’s and Don'ts to make your successful entry to the craft community.

    Do Get All the Information you can get about the Event
    If you don’t know anything about the fair you’re about to join, do some research. Check the average turnout of people, what kind of customers to expect, the size of your stall, and just about any information you can get. Some craft fair organizers only provide you with one table and chair so if you’re bringing someone with you, make sure you have enough seating for the both of you.

    Also, you can do some research on how your actual booth will look like by checking out previous photos of the event. You can then easily plan on how to arrange your merchandise to make your booth look appealing and organized.

    Do Make More Products than you Need
    Knowing how much items to make and bring to the fair can be tricky if it’s your first time. Depending on how big your stall is and the duration of the show, you can gauge how much merchandise you will bring. It’s always best to bring more stuff than you actually need. If you can place 50 pieces of coin purses on your show table and the event is a 2-day market fair, then it’s ideal to prepare at least 200 pieces of products.

    Do Bring Money for Change
    Customers don’t like to wait. When a customer pays you, make sure you have enough change, otherwise you’ll end up keeping them waiting –which they hate. If you don’t have change ready, you might even lose your customer if she’s in a hurry. So have a few large bills changed at the bank before the event if you have to. Not having enough money for change is a big No No.

    Don’t Keep Yourself Busy with Your Phone or Tablet
    There will be times when no one will be looking at your display. Don’t use this time to check on your Facebook or Instagram. People will most likely pass by your stall if they think you’re busy with something. Customers will not interrupt you since people are naturally polite. So if you must check your Facebook status, stop immediately once you see customers coming.

    Don’t Put All Your Merchandise on the Table
    Avoid squeezing all your items on your table. You might think this is a great way to show more merchandise but a cluttered display is very unappealing. Make sure your display is good to the eye, well organized, and every single item is visible for customers to see. The tendency for putting so much stuff on your table is that other products will be piled on top of another.

    Other important things you need to bring are business cards, food to eat so you wouldn't have to leave your booth, and a friendly smile.

    List of UK Craft Fairs 

  • How to Use Email Marketing for Your Wholesale Craft Business

    All businesses need to have marketing strategies.  You need to promote your products and business to create awareness, entice interest and desire, and eventually lead to sales that will give your company profit to succeed.  However, print ads, TV commercials, ad campaigns and product listings can be expensive.  One of the most effective yet inexpensive ways to get your wholesale craft business known is through email marketing.

    Many wholesale businesses use email marketing because you are directly talking to your buyers.  It is also a favourite among companies because it costs very little but is one of the most effective ways of getting other businesses to know about you. So if you're considering email marketing, here are some tips that will help you do just that:

    Wholesale craft businesses are different than retail businesses where they are in direct contact with the consumer.  Wholesale businesses deal with other businesses who then sell the wares per piece.  Because of this, wholesale businesses need to keep a low profile, since they wouldn't want the ordinary consumer to know where the store's products come from and how much their mark up is.  And it is also because of this that direct email marketing is highly ideal and effective for wholesale craft businesses.

    When you sell our crafts or crafts supplies in bulk, the turn around of your products should be quick.  Any items that are left gathering dust and just sitting around are costing you money. Therefore, if you are not aggressive with your marketing strategy, your business will eventually fail.


    Effective Subject Line
    When emails are received, the very first things people see are the sender and the subject of the email.  Create a subject line that will catch the buyer's attention, enough to make him open the email.  This should be the very first thing you need to invest your time on since it's one of the first things buyers will see.

    Make It Personal
    Once you've come up with an eye-catching subject, it's time to create the content of your email.  Sometimes, when people write their content, they often forget that buyers' needs are different from each other.  Though your template may be similar across all your email contents, make it seem like you're writing the email only to your buyer.  Make them feel special, as if you really took the time to write that single email for them.  You can also address their needs instead of yours.  Highlight how their business can benefit by buying from you.

    Make a Call to Action
    The purpose of your email is to entice them to visit your website or store.  So provide a link to your site, or better yet, give them promo codes or freebies when they click the link through your email.

    Time Your Email
    Study the specific dates and times your potential customers check their email.  If you send them your email on a Friday night, most often than not, their inbox will probably be filled by all the other emails that they receive during the weekend that yours won't be seen anymore.  Also, don’t send your emails during holidays when your buyers aren't in the office.  So timing your email is also key.

  • Is a Craft Business a Good Idea?

    Have you been enjoying making crafts for a hobby and now you’re thinking about turning it into a business? If you've joined craft fairs and sold your products to a good number of people, then you probably know that your crafts will have good market potential.

    Considering today’s economy, you’re probably wondering if opening a craft business is a good idea. We constantly hear about a recovery but does that translate into the craft industry?

    In a study made by Morris Hargreaves McIntyre for the Crafts Council UK in 2010 which was four years ago now, the craft industry in the UK has a total of market and potential buyers of an estimated 26.5 million people, or that’s about 63% of England’s total adult population.  So when you take this study into consideration, that’s quite a big market for crafts right there.  If you want to get a slice of the market and you believe your products will sell, then starting a craft business could be a good idea.

    Selling online is a great place to start, ebay, amazon, esty and folksy are just a handful of great places to really spring board your sales. Get a good production line going so you can meet the demand and then scale through outsourcing the basic parts of your crafts and you finishing off the detail. The key here is scale, if you can't scale you cant grow so always have that in mind.

    Making a good living from crafts means working smart and buying smart. If you can figure out a production system then becoming a  wholesaler for your products could launch you into the big league.  Once you have found good retail buyers that buy regularly this lets you focus on production. So if you have a ribbon based craft business you could focus on getting better wholesale ribbon prices with better buying power from bigger orders you are receiving.

    If you haven't started yet and you are looking for ideas then start looking at the top 3 sectors in the crafts industry.  Recent figures show that the textiles sector make up 34% of the market, while the ceramics sector make up 30% and the jewellery 21%.  These areas could be a great place to start looking at what interests you.

    Britain has always given high regard to artisans and craftsmen, making a craft business good business in the UK.  In fact, the handmade industry makes up a big percentage of the UK’s GDP.  The most preferred choice of customers to search for handmade goods is still the store, gallery, or showroom but the World Wide Web is slowly changing that.

    On-line sites like Folksy have been supporting independent designers and artisans in the UK since 2007.  On-line marketplaces such as these provide a platform for many small scale crafters to present their products to the world but still remain unique and independent.  The internet allows these small independent crafter to get a foothold in the market place with little overhead so being a crafter could prove to be a very smart move.

  • How to Store Your Collection of Buttons

    Button Storage Ideas

    Buttons do more than just close and open your clothes.  For those who are avid crafters, the possibilities of great buttons placed strategically on craft projects can create images and designs that are boundless.  Only your imagination can place a limit to what buttons can do.  But they can be used on absolutely every craft project imaginable.

    If you have your very own supply of good quality wholesale buttons that you recently purchased from us, it’s time to organise and store them the way that they deserve.  If you throw all your buttons in one single jar, you know for sure that it will take you time to find that one gold 4-hole button that you desperately need right in that moment.  If you’re impatient, you’ll be dropping all your buttons from the jar on the table to find that once special piece.  And you wouldn't want to do that every time you look for a specific button, do you?

    Properly placed and stored buttons will not only give you great convenience, but it will also add a professional organisational touch to your sewing/craft area.

    Here are 6 Great Ideas to Store Your Collection of Buttons

    1. Buy a counter top wine rack and some clear glass jars with lids that can fit into the spaces.  Organise your buttons by colour or design and place them in individual jars.  Carefully place them on the wine rack and place on table or shelf.  Cute and organized, it will also be easier for you to see the buttons you’ll be looking for.
    2. A simple but practical way to store your buttons is to place them in a flat plastic toolbox.  Buy one with as many dividers as possible so you can separate the buttons by colour and design.
    3. If you have covered boxes at home, simply place the buttons inside, still separating them by colour and design.  Since you can’t see what’s inside the boxes, glue or tape one of the buttons on the front or top lid of the box so you know which boxes contain which buttons.
    4. Another simple idea is to buy small fish bowls.  Easily divide your buttons and place them inside the fish bowl.  This is the most convenient way to store your buttons as you can see them directly, and dip your hands inside without having to open a lid or take them out of a shelf. This is only good if you have plenty of space as they take up a bit of room to have them laid out like this.
    5. If you want the cheapest way to store buttons, place them in plastic Ziploc.  You can see through the plastic and seal them securely.  They won’t take up much space and you can easily store them in a drawer.
    6. And lastly, the most creative idea of all, if you've got a few special buttons like vintage ones, or made with special details or crystals, get a piece of pretty fabric and baste them on.  It’s the cutest way to store them without having to worry about losing them in your craft room.  You can even hang the fabric on a wall for decoration and easy access.

    Buttons are very tricky to store because they’re mostly tiny.  They serve two purposes – for function and embellishments so you need to have them in close proximity to where you’re working.  Try any of these ideas for easy storage and access to your wholesale buttons. Take a look at our great range of wholesale buttons we have for sale here.

  • Why YOU Should Buy From Craft Wholesalers

    The Benefits Of Buying Wholesale Craft Supplies

    Yes, buying from wholesalers saves you a ton of money.  Obviously, that’s the greatest advantage of buying from a craft wholesaler.  But what about the other reasons why you should choose to buy from a wholesaler rather than from a retail store?

    If you only need some craft supplies for a small project, then by all means, buying from a retail store is much more convenient for you.  But if you really think about it, if you and your friends were to buy in bulk from a wholesaler, then you’d all be saving money plus you’ll have some extra materials should your project fail.  If your craft project doesn’t look too good, then you’d have to go back to the store and buy more materials.  How convenient would it have been if you bought a dozen at half the price and have extra materials should anything go wrong?

    Wholesale means buying in bulk at a much lower price.  So if you only need one piece, then it wouldn't make sense if you bought 11 more pieces.  But if you’re an avid crafter or hobbyist, you know how convenient it is to have materials readily available at the house even when you didn't really need them when you bought them.

    If you have a business, then buying from a craft supply wholesaler is something you will of already experienced and be involved in.  When you sell at retail price, you’d want to get the most profit as possible and you can only do that if you get your supplies from  a company set up as a wholesaler. They get better prices as they buy in bulk so they can pass those savings on to you. This way when you retail the craft materials you can still make a good margin and probably be cheaper than the main high street.

    If you’re an individual however, it can be difficult to buy in bulk from certain wholesalers.  Some businesses strictly operate from business to business.  The other definition of wholesale is transactions made from one business to another.  This means they won’t sell to you unless you have your own store or you have registered first as a sole trader business.

    If you’re already selling products on-line or from your home and you really need to buy supplies from a wholesaler but they have strict conditions, then you can still register as a business using your home address even if you don’t have a physical bricks and mortar store. You can then show your business registration number so the supplier can sell their products to you.  Getting VAT registered is another level and for all information on registering a business go to

    Besides, if you've been selling your crafts for quite some time, you have probably already done that but if you now need to step it up a level the above website is the place to go.  You’ll be hitting two birds with one stone in this case.

    Aside from the obvious reasons like more value for your money, saves you time, and convenience, the greatest thing about buying from a craft wholesaler is the strong relationship you’ll get to build with your supplier.  Having a good business relationship with your supplier is key to having a good retail business.

    The longer you trade with them then usually you get better deals, better info on new products, being the first to try products. So it's very worth your while to have good relationships with your suppliers, but only if the price is right. Always be looking out for the best price to protect your margins and your long term profits, as your customers are going to want good prices too remember.

  • Great Ribbon Tidy Idea

    This is a great idea if you have just purchased your lovely wholesale ribbons from us and want to keep them neat and tidy. Just find an old shoe box and cut slits on one side, poke the ribbon through the slit and neatly stack each colour next to each other. Then you can draw out as much as you need and cut it off, good idea to keep your crafting scissors in the same box. Enjoy

    Ribbon Tidy

  • How to Be a Craft Wholesaler

    So you've been making your very own craft projects for some time now.  Whether it is a hobby or a full-time business, the decision to wholesale your projects has finally come but you don’t really know where to start.  In this guide on how to be a craft wholesaler, you’ll be on your way to begin your business right after you read these tips:

    Tip #1:  Choose which projects you can sell for half of its retail price and still make some money.  You may be making cute little picture frames with colourful buttons around it, or embroidered handkerchiefs.  Whatever it is you’re making, if you sell them by bulk, determine which ones can still give you profit even if you take 50% or more off the retail price.
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  • Benefits of Email Marketing to Your Wholesale Business

    While there are many ways to promote your wholesale craft business to the industry, one marketing strategy that has remained effective for many years is email marketing.

    Some people may think it's ineffective, that it annoys people, that it can sometimes be considered as spam mail, and all the other misconceptions of this method of promotion.  But if you know what to do with this powerful tool, then all the above mentioned concerns will certainly be put to rest.

    Before you spend a ridiculous amount of money on product listings that get you nowhere, take a look at these 3 benefits of email marketing that will definitely make you get on your computer and start emailing away.

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  • 5 Reasons to Stock up on Ribbons for Your Daughter

    Dressing up your daughter is one of the greatest things about being a mum. The countless choices for little girl’s fashions are endless and you'll never run out of ideas. However, it’s not always ideal to keep on buying new clothes and accessories whenever you have a special event to go to. Sometimes, all it needs is a little tiny ribbon to transform an old piece of headband or dress into a spanking new one.

    If you're a mum with a little girl, the number one craft material you should always stock up on are satin ribbons. In fact, it’s even a greater idea to buy satin ribbon wholesale for more savings – in today’s world and economy, the wise mum is the frugal mum.

    Here are 5 reasons why you should stock up on satin ribbons for your daughter:

    Ribbons Can Be Used as a Belt
    Does your daughter have a plain yellow dress? Make it even cuter and eye-catching with a satin ribbon tied on the waist. Use a colour that’s in contrast with the colour of the dress to make it more interesting. For a yellow dress, use blue ribbon. For a pink one, use violet ribbon.

    A satin ribbon tied on the waist is the simplest way to jazz up any little girl’s outfit. You can use it on skirts, trousers, and even shorts.

    Ribbons Can Serve As Headbands
    Little girls always look cute when they wear satin headbands. Simply take a meter of satin ribbon, place it behind her neck and bring it up over her head then make a cute little bow. Your daughter will look as prim and proper as a little princess. Buy the ribbons in different colours so your daughter can wear a different one every day to school.

    You can also make a bow and using clear glue stick, place it on an already existing plain headband. Or you can use the ribbon as a hair tie for your daughter’s ponytail.

    Ribbons Can Serve as Brooches
    Satin flowers add elegance to any dress. Make your daughter look regal by sewing a satin flower on her dress. Or you can sew-on a safety pin on the back of the flower and use it on many of her dresses as a brooch.

    You can pin it on the chest area of your daughter’s dress or on a simple tank. Your daughter will surely look pretty with a satin flower on her outfit.

    Ribbons Can Add Flair to Shoes
    While everyone has boring old flats, you can use a satin ribbon to add colour and fun to your daughter’s shoes. You can make a bow or a flower and glue it on top of your daughter’s shoes. You can even place it on her slippers, sneakers, and even boots.

    Ribbons Can Make Any Purse or Bag Pretty
    Nothing’s cuter than a small purse with a big satin ribbon on it – it’s like your daughter’s actually carrying a flower but it’s actually a purse. Make a really big flower and glue it on top of your daughter’s purse. If she has a tote, tie a ribbon around one of the straps and make a bow. Using any ordinary canvass tote, the ribbon will instantly transform into a pretty piece of accessory that your daughter will surely love.

  • How to Trim Satin Ribbons

    Satin ribbons are very versatile – they're simple but have tons and tons of uses. A simple white wedding dress is transformed into an elegant and expensive gown with a tie of a gold satin ribbon around the waist. A gift can look like it cost a fortune with an expertly tied satin bow. And a little girl’s outfit can look make her look like a princess with a simple satin tie on her hair.

    Indeed, if you’re an avid crafter or sewer, one of the supplies you’ll never run out of is satin ribbons. In fact, buying satin ribbon wholesale should be a regular activity for you.

    But alas, satin ribbons have one immense weakness – and that’s their ability to easily fray once you cut them. A single thread that’s loose can be disaster. A simple tug can unravel the entire ribbon – ruining your much beloved wedding dress.

    So how do you prevent satin ribbons from fraying? Here are 6 simple tips:

    1. Using a very sharp pair or shears, cut the ribbons on the bias –that’s at least 45 degrees diagonally. Or you can do the traditional V-cut. Simple fold the ribbon in the middle and cut a 45-degree diagonal cut to get the V-cut effect. This is the simplest way to prevent satin from fraying but once you wash it or after a few wears, there’s always risk of fraying.

    2. Using a candle or lighter, cut your ribbon however way you want, and melt the edges with the heat. Do not let the fire burn your ribbon, just place it close enough to the heat to see the edges melting. This method is very effective since you’re using the satin’s natural ability to bind with itself.

    3. Use clear nail polish. If you don’t want to use the heating method, you can use clear nail polish. Simply brush the cut edges of your ribbon with the polish to stop the threads from being exposed.

    4. Use clear fabric adhesive. You can use simple fabric glue on your but ribbons. Just make sure it’s light enough that it can’t be seen but thick enough to cover the entire edge of the ribbon.

    5. Use hairspray. Hairspray hardens your hair and it can do the same for the threads of your satin ribbon. Just be careful not to spray your entire ribbon since it will definitely make it stiff.

    6. Use a soldering iron. For those who want the same effect as using candles but are wary about creating dark spots, a soldering iron is the next best thing. Simply turn on the iron and lightly brush the edge of your ribbon.

    It doesn’t take so much to stop ribbons from fraying. Choose your method and successfully prevent them from coming loose.

  • Buying Wholesale Buttons

    Craft Wholesale UK supplies a good range of wholesale buttons for you to choose from. Our range consists of 14 different colours in various shades with a broad colour palette to show your clients . We are very sure we have the colours that will make your customers want to buy from you. We purchase straight from the source and check the quality of our buttons when they get manufactured.

    We sell wholesale buttons in 1kg bags and when you order in volume you can mix up your bags and still

    get the volume discount. So the minimum wholesale quantity is 1kg bag and if you purchase 5kg of buttons you can get a discount. The discount gets bigger on higher volume orders. If you want order large volumes of buttons then please email or call to discuss discount levels and time scales to process these orders.

    We use only high grade polyester for our buttons with strong vibrant colour fast dyes so we are sure you will like the quality of our buttons range. To get customers interested in your buttons it is a good idea to send out sample packs as the customer will be impressed with the quality.

    This will help in growing your wholesale button uk orders quicker than just letting them see them on your website. Always be prepared to send out small sample packs as that will increase your chances of order levels rising quicker.

    Please take a look at our range of buttons here as we offer shaded single colour 1kg bags and also mixed coloured 1kg bags.

    To order wholesale crafting materials with us you will need to open an account which is simple and straight forward. When you open an account and login you will be able to see our wholesale prices. We also offer free shipping to UK delivery addresses and orders are normally processed within 24hrs of your order.

    To open an account and start benefiting from wholesale pricing please click here

  • Making the Most of Wholesale Craft Fairs

    If you are in the business of selling wholesale craft materials, it's almost always necessary to attend a Wholesale Craft Fair.  Craft Fairs are fantastic opportunities to get your business out there to the industry.  Some shows are open to the public, while others are exclusive for buyers and other business owners only.  Whether you attend fairs that everyone can attend or for buyers only, either event can benefit you.  However, joining these fairs does not guarantee success.  Sure, there may be a big number of potential customers and buyers, but there can be instances where the amount you spend to show at the event is more than your profit.  Choosing the right wholesale craft fair for you needs to be considered properly and with the right research and planning.

    Here are a few tips on how to make the most out of showing at wholesale craft fairs:

    First, Finding the Right Venue
    While an international craft fair is your ultimate dream, if you’re a start-up distributor, this may not be for you.  Sure, you are exposed to international buyers who have the capacity to order tens of thousands of merchandise from you, but do you actually have that capacity?  Think about what kind of companies show at these international craft fairs.  You might not be able to compete with their production capacity and their prices, leaving you empty handed at the end of the day.  So consider the other companies who will be attending, the buyers who will come to the show, and the purpose and location of the event.

    Second, Start Small
    If it will be your company's first time to show at a craft fair, don't invest everything you have in the hopes of attracting the most buyers.  Always start small by testing your market first.  One great idea is to share a booth with another company.  You get to save on rental space, your set up and display doesn't have to be so big, plus, you get to build a relationship with another distributor, as long as your products don't compete with each other.  It's also ideal that your products complement each other.  For example, you offer ribbons and other trimmings, while the business you're sharing your booth with is selling buttons, beads, and sequins.  Look for another business where sharing a booth will benefit the both of you.

    Bring a Credit Card Machine
    Spontaneous purchases happen a lot, so when a customer doesn't have cash with her, don’t make her go to another company that has a credit card machine.  You will lose their interest when they'd have to look for an ATM somewhere else to be able to buy your goods.  Most often than not, another booth with this service will catch their eye, leaving that potential sale into zero.

    Build a Mailing List
    Just because buyers who see your booth won't be buying today, it doesn't mean they won't forever.  Get their business cards, email, just about all of their contacts.  Once the fair wraps up, build your mailing list, and send out catalogues and samples to these buyers every now and then.  Craft Fairs aren't just for sales, it's the best way to build a network of business contacts. So take advantage of this and create a large mailing list to promote your wholesale craft business.

    For more information on Wholesale craft fairs visit this site here

  • Why Trade Shows are Good for Your Craft Business

    If you happen to be in the business of craft retailing, then one of the best things that you can do to get the best products for your store is to attend local and international trade shows.

    Trade shows are organized by certain organizations, whether public or private, that get together members of a specific industry, to set up stalls or booths and showcase their products or services.  It is a great avenue for many new and established businesses to get their company to a large number of people who are also in the industry, most especially the buyers.  If you have a retail business, then that's you.

    When you have a retail craft business, sometimes the smallest difference in price can mean whether a customer will buy your product or not. If she can find the exact same product at a different store but at a slightly smaller amount, she most definitely will opt to buy the cheaper one.  This is why sourcing the best products at the best prices will be one of the very keys to your business success.

    Attending trade shows will help you do just that.  Here are 5 reasons why Attending Trade Shows is Good for your Retail Business:

    See the Latest Products
    Wholesalers, distributors, and manufacturers are the ones who usually exhibit at craft shows.  It is a great platform for them to show buyers about their latest products.  When you're a buyer, this is the best place to find out what the newest products are and to help your store become up-to-date with all the new trends in the industry.

    Compare Products
    Nowhere else will you be able to compare products better and faster than attending trade shows.  One company's products can be viewed in one minute, and you can immediately compare it to another company beside it.  You get to compare materials, quality, price, and just about everything else in one single venue.  Through this, you get to determine which supplier has the best quality and at the best price for your business.

    Visit Your Regular Suppliers
    Building relationships with your suppliers is one of the best ways to make your business succeed. If your suppliers are showing at the trade show you are attending, it can be a great time for you to meet with the people behind the company, show your support, talk about business, and see their newest offerings.

    Trade shows don't just involve companies who are exhibiting and offering their products and services.  There are usually forums, talks from industry leaders and experts, and even workshops that will help you in making the right decisions and help you grown your business.  Take advantage of this.

    Attending trade shows exposes you to companies that you would never get to know if you just stayed in your office or store. By checking out other distributors, local or foreign, you are opening your business to more opportunities and possibilities.  Even though you won't be buying from them today, you might need their products in the future.  So get as many business cards as you can, give out as many of your business cards as well, and build your network.

  • Preparing Your Wholesale Business for the Holiday Season

    For wholesale businesses and every other business for that matter, the holiday season is the busiest time of the year. With so many Christmas parties and gatherings, people from all walks of life need products and services that would fit their demands for this special once a year event.

    For your wholesale craft business, this means schools, homes, and companies will be needing your products to make Christmas decorations and other things to transform their dull living and work spaces into festive places. For crafters and professional craft makers, this means they need to buy a whole lot of your products to be able to meet the demands of their clients who will be needing their finished work for holiday decorations and gifts.

    To prepare for the influx of shoppers during this holiday season, here are some tips to help you operate your business in a smoother and more effective way:

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  • Skillful Hands Craft Fayre - Sunday, 15 December 2013 - 11:00 till 15:00

    Contemporary Arts and Crafts Fayre based at the Avoncroft Arts Centre, Stoke Heath, Bromsgrove, B60 4JS.

    Supporting local creativity by providing an outlet for them to show-case their Talents.

    Handmade by locally based Artists and Crafters,

    So if you want to buy something unique and handcrafted, talk to one of the knowledgeable exhibitors or just have a pleasant Sunday browse looking at beautiful things please feel free to come and visit.

    Craft Fayre takes place the 1st Sunday of the month between 11:00am - 3:00pm at the Avoncroft Arts Centre.

    Click here to link to the event

  • Wholesale Versus Retail Selling

    Are you thinking about opening your own business? Sure, you love your current job and it gives you security. But are you happy? Is that what you really want to do for the rest of your life? If you want to be your own boss and do what you love, opening up a wholesale or retail business can be a dream come true.
    If you want to be a wholesaler, you get to earn money by supplying to other businesses but it can be boring as you don’t really get to meet with the actual users of your products. If you want to be a retailer, your profit may be slower but you get to actually talk to your customers face-to-face and get to see the smiles on their faces.
    If you still don’t know which business to get into, here are clear differences between the two to help you decide:
    By Definition
    A retailer is defined as a middleman in selling the products of the wholesaler directly to the customers, while the wholesaler is responsible for selling products by bulk or packages to the retailer. Wholesalers can sometimes be called as the supplier for the retail seller.
    A wholesaler sells his products in many pieces and in a lesser price than of the retailer. A retailer gets to increase the price of the product the he bought from the wholesaler.
    Advantages and Disadvantages of a Wholesaler
    There are advantages and disadvantages of being a wholesaler. Advantages of being a wholesaler is you get to sell your products in bulk to any interested retail stores. However, there’s a major disadvantage when you supply a big number of items to a single store. If that business closes down, you’ll lose a significantly large amount of your income, leaving you to look for other businesses to supply to with your stocked inventory.
    Advantages and Disadvantages of a Retailer
    There are also advantages and disadvantages of a retail business owner. Advantages of being in the retail business are you get to sell the products directly to the interested customers, and can make changes on the next order of supplies from your wholesaler and changes on the prices of the products. However, the disadvantage of being in the retail business is you can’t really buy products in small quantities because your profit will suffer. You’ll need to buy a lot of one single product to make the best profit.
    Being a retailer also requires a lot more than just selling. You’d have to invest on a physical store or a website, design the visual merchandising or the graphics for site, and change the look of your store every now and then to keep customers interested. It’s exhausting but if you love to sell, a retail business is for you.
    In conclusion, if you want to work with other businesses, then a wholesale business is for you. If you want to meet your customers face to face on a daily basis, then retail is your right path. If you want a faster and a more secure income, then become a wholesaler. But if you want bigger profits and want to take risks, become a retailer. One thing is certain if you do nothing you will remain an employee and there is nothing wrong with that. However if you try at running your own business then the sky is the limit so give it a go and see where the journey takes you, you may be pleasantly surprised.

  • How To Run A Retail Business

    A retail business can be a dream come true for many people who've always dreamed of having their own store. Being your own boss, selling items that you yourself would want to buy, and meeting customers on a first hand basis is something that would really give you satisfaction and success in your business endeavour. However, it can also be very tasking as being face-to-face with customers can also be intimidating and learning how to run a business takes time. No one wants to hear a customer say that they weren't satisfied with your product or service.To help you run a successful retail business, here are a few tips to help you do just that:

    1. You must know how to sell your product. Delivering information about the item or product to your customer is a great way to give them the benefits of buying from you. Through this, you can establish trust with the customer and also establish yourself as an authority figure. When they are satisfied with you and your product, this could lead to free advertising when they share information about your product and your store to other potential customers.

    2. Always do your research on new items or products that can put you ahead of other stores. However, do analyse the item if it is sellable or if it would just take space up and never sell in your store.

    3. Advertise your store and the items you are selling. This can help you gain more customers and sell more products and earn more money for your business. Establish rapport with your customers so that they will trust you when they buy your new products. And most of all encourage your customers to advertise your store and products by word of mouth.

    4. As soon as you have more loyal customers, offer them incentives or discounts so they will keep coming back. Giving coupons to customers will attract new customers. Create or organize an event where the customers get to enjoy freebies from your store when they avail on deals or offers.

    5. If you have employees, make sure that they understand your business strategy and give them motivation to work hard and help you grow the business. Motivate your employees such as honouring an employee of the month or bonuses when they hit your target sales for the month. Employees should dress appropriately so that customers will not hesitate to approach them when they ask for assistance.

    6. Get a good accountant, make sure you get off to a flying start by keeping the books straight. Keep all of your receipts and take advice before you start trading. You don't want to get caught out with the taxman so start off as you mean to go on.

    7. Branding, think of a brand for your business and start trying to theme your products around your brand name. You can build this over time as you start to get more sales and increase your product range.

    For more information on running a business please click here

  • Why Good Product Images for your Website are Important

    Have you ever seen a handsome or beautiful person and found yourself extremely attracted to them? That is also how you see the image of a product that you want to purchase when buying products that you like seriously. Good product images catch your attention and you get curious about it, they strike a cord and you want to know more and think about that prduct in your life our on your person.

    Imagery is very powerful and using the correct image is one of the most important things to consider when putting images on your website. Great images entice curiosity with people who are either just surfing or or visiting your company website. Envisioning a product can be difficult for aninterested customer so make the details specific and enticing for your product. Customers usually want to see what you are really selling. If you were to buy something online, you would first search the image whether you would want to buy it or not, just like how the saying goes, “I like what I see”.

    Posting images should be given importance since this is how you will earn or make money from the products that you will sell on your website. The website will look so dull if there are no images in it. If you also post a picture of the item that looks so bad, people would not view it all or not check it and would say that the item might easily break or would not last long since what you see in the picture does not look good. It is a big thing as this is also for advertising.

    If you would not be able to touch and hold, smell or taste, or at least handle the product, image is one very important thing that people will respond to when deciding to buy a product, not just online but also in store displays. Potential customers would feel very confident when they see the product images with the product details that are shown on your website.
    Here are a few tips on how to use images for your website:

    Show Products in Many Angles
    When you capture the image of an item or your product, you need to find the right angle or position it in a way were it is clear and nice to look at. Take pictures of the product as many times as you can to choose which the best pictures are to post on your website. You may also edit the photo and add some attracting colours that can really catch the eye of the viewers.

    Show More than One Photo of the Product
    Having more pictures on your website about what you are selling is a plus for your website and company rating. The more people who views and checks your site, the more chances of having an increase in sales and income and the bigger your company or business will get. It is like free advertisement, only your website is doing the advertising and attracting more customers and spreading the store or company that you have.

  • How to Set Up a Wholesale Craft Business

    Everyone has some creativity in them. If making crafts is one of your hobbies, one of the most enjoyable things to do is shopping for fantastic materials at only a fraction of a cost. If you have a full time job but want to make money out of your hobby, setting up a wholesale craft business can be a great idea and highly lucrative as well. If you're thinking about setting up a wholesale craft business, here are the very first steps that you can do to make that dream into a reality:
    First: Determine What you Want to Sell.
    If making crafts gives you fulfilment, then why not sell your crafts to retail craft stores at a wholesale price? If they bulk buy from you, you are assured of a larger amount of money in single transactions. However, if you don’t have the time to make a large number of finished products, then you can take on the business of a craft supply or finished crafts distributor. Decide what you want to sell and work from there.

    Second: Find your Location
    Determine where you want your place of work to be. It can be an office, your home, or a warehouse. Finding a place to operate your business will be one of the keys to your success. While using your living room may be highly economical
    and convenient, when your business starts growing, your living space simply won't do. You need a place to have an office and a storage area for your merchandise. If you want to work from home, it's best that you set aside a specific area dedicated only for your business.

    Third: Get the Proper Permits and Licenses
    To be able to set up a legitimate business, you need to register with the HMRC but you can find more information by visiting these links and here for starting a wholesale business. Manufacturers sometimes require business permits to be able to sell to you. As well as trade shows, you need to provide evidence of your legitimate business and attend as a buyer to be able to go to exhibits and shows. You will also need to be set up in business before you can apply for trade accounts with suppliers, especially important when attending trade shows.

    Fourth: Build Your Inventory
    Once you know what you want to sell, have found your location and have set yourself up as a sole trader or ltd company, it's time to build your inventory. If you don't know where to buy the cheapest products yet, the simplest way to do this is through the internet. Simply type the name of the product you're looking for and the top searches will show on the first page. Or you can also ask around to see if there are manufacturers in your area. Buying from actual producers of goods will give you the best prices on products, giving you more savings, and a whole lot of advantages than the competition.

    Fifth: Network
    Attend trade shows, advertise in your local newspaper, give out samples to local retail stores – in simple words, promote your business, build relationships, and watch your business grow.

  • The Keys to a Successful Website for Your Retail Business

    Having a website for your retail business is very important and relevant these days. The world wide web has completely transformed the way people do business. A lot of people are now doing their shopping online as it saves time and effort. All they need to do is visit a website, look at the products, give some information, pay for the products, and their items will get shipped. They no longer have to physically visit stores and take time away from work and their family to buy the products that they need.
    If you have a retail business, having a website can bring your business more income. But having a website that works is not enough, you have to create and build it to make your customer’s online shopping experience an easy and pleasant one.
    Here are the keys to a successful website for your retail business:

    Show Pictures of your Products
    You can’t sell products that customers don’t see. So put the best pictures of your products and in as many angles as possible. Make your photos simple and direct. Add brief but detailed descriptions, and of course, the price. You can also add some customer reviews if there are any. A picture says a thousand words so make your photos as clear and direct as possible. Good quality photography is very important to your business do not scrimp in this area.

    Make Ordering Process Easy
    These days, customers don’t have all the time in the world because of their busy schedules. They’re shopping online because they want to save time. If your ordering process is too complicated, they’ll move on and buy somewhere else. So make it as simple and as fast as possible. Place an “Add to Cart” button that will direct your customer to the page where they need to provide their credit card and shipping details. Customers hate waiting especially online, you have around 4 seconds for something to load or they are gone so make sure the steps are easy.

    If you want your customer to buy more products from you, you can also suggest other related items. For example, if they buy a blanket from your site, maybe they’d also like a pillowcase to go with it. So create a tool that will give your customers suggestions, such as buttons with “You might also like…” where you show them pictures of suggested items.

    Contact Information
    Customers want to feel secure when they buy from you. With so many bogus websites and scams out there, you can’t blame your customers from feeling a tad bit concerned about their credit card security. So give out your office or store address, email, phone number, and the contact information of your customer service.
    Provide Information on Policies and other Terms and Conditions
    Provide information about returns and exchanges, refunds, and warranties. People will feel secure when they know what to do in case the product arrives to them in a less than pleasant condition. The more information the better. Providing a pleasant and safe shopping environment for your customers is very important.

    Design Your Website With The Customer In Mind
    If you’re catering to a female demographic , make your website design appealing to them. Maybe you can use pink, red, or orange colours throughout your site. You can also add flowers or other things that attract female customers. If your customers are people who will be going to the beach, then put some photos or images of the ocean and people hanging out at the beach. Create your website for your specific target customer.

    More information on how to make your your website attractive to customers click here

  • Using Pinterest for Your Wholesale Craft Business

    Social media is such a powerful tool. You get to reach millions of people online with just a click of a mouse. If you're in the business of selling wholesale crafts, one of the best social media platforms you can use to boost your business is Pinterest.

    Pinterest is a photo sharing website using a pin board style. Among the social media platforms online, it ranks as 3rd in engagement, only coming in next to Facebook and Twitter. Among its users, about 80% are women, where the average time they spend on the site every month is 90 minutes. Many people are attracted to Pinterest because of the beautiful images. The site allows you to create and manage collections based on a certain theme, which is a function that is beloved by many, especially women who love to do DIY and crafts. If you want to use Pinterest for your Wholesale Craft Business, here are some tips so you can make the most out of the website:

    Share Your Products
    Since it's an image-based site, you can post photos of your products and create collections based on a certain material, use or whatever category. Better yet, create Pinterest collections of finished products using materials that you sell. For example, you sell wholesale buttons. Why not show finished crafts using your very own buttons? It could be a lamp embellished with different colored buttons, or a purse. By showing your audience how they can use your products to create easy and beautiful projects, you get to inspire them to make the very same projects.

    What's great about Pinterest is that others can "re-pin" your posts and add them to their very own Pinterest collections, making your post more visible.

    Add to Gifts
    There's a function on Pinterest that lets users "pin" images on their Gifts section. You can put price tags on your photos and even add the link to your website. Pinterest allows businesses to promote their products on the site so when your followers add them to their "Gifts" collection, they can look at your images, click on your link, and go to your site where they can buy your products.

    Inform and Educate
    A lot of Pinterest users post DIY projects on the site. Another great way to show your users how to use your products is to teach them how to do it. People today are very visual and when you post step-by-step photos on how to make crafts using the products that you sell, it will be easier for them to create their very own projects.

    The key to making a successful marketing strategy on Pinterest is to start small. Yes, you want your account to be filled with all the products that you're selling, but don't go overboard. It's best to start small and work your way into creating connections with users. Always remember that most of the users on the site are women, so it's a great idea to create your collections in a manner that is appealing to women.

    Pinterest keeps growing and is the 4th largest social media platform in the world. This is one of the best places to get your craft wholesale or retail business really noticed so make sure you use it.

    If you want to find out more about creating a Pinterest account click here

  • Using Twitter for Wholesale

    Dubbed as the SMS online, Twitter has over 500 million users worldwide, making it one of the top social media platforms today. Its power over social media and communication is massive that it's no wonder businesses have also ridden on the bandwagon and opened their own accounts with the site as well.
    Twitter was founded in 2006 and has since blown up and has become one of the favourite social networking sites online. It is a microblogging and social networking site that lets users post messages called tweets on their account for their followers and non followers to see.

    Many businesses today use Twitter to give their businesses a boost. Though one might question how their wholesale business can take advantage of the site, this platform is actually effective for your business reach. Having a Twitter account and connecting with followers in the industry can be similar to that of going to a trade fair – you get to showcase your products to an unlimited number of people, communicating with them in one platform and get reactions on the spot.
    If you want to know how to use Twitter to boost your wholesale business, here are a few tips how:

    Create Your Profile
    When you create your profile, you must make your Twitter name as short as possible. It will be easier for people to remember, and creates more impact. Upload a photo of your company's logo, add a link to your wholesale business website, and start tweeting.

    Most often than not, when you follow users on Twitter, they follow you back. So take a look at your mailing list, see if they have a Twitter account and follow them. Even businesses that aren't in your mailing list can easily be found on Twitter. Simply look for their names and once you find them, follow them. Create a good set of followers who have the potential to be future customers.

    Tweets are limited to 140 characters on Twitter. Once you post something, make sure that they're straight to the point and eye catching. Followers love it when you're active on Twitter, which makes them check your feed constantly. Just because you posted yesterday, it doesn't mean you shouldn't today. Post tweets every day to keep your account interesting.

    Engage Followers
    When you post tweets, make them as engaging as possible. Entice conversations by asking questions, stating opinions, and by being conversational. You can get to know your target customers by simply messaging them through direct message or by commenting on their tweets. You can also "retweet" other followers to keep a constant flow of interaction and engagement between you and your followers.

    Don't Over Promote
    Customers are put off by businesses who are constantly trying to sell something. The purpose of Twitter is not to mainly sell your products but to create visibility. Aside from tweeting things about your business, post interesting information such as latest news. When you establish a strong Twitter presence, your business will be better known, which will make other businesses visit your website, and potentially become your actual customers.

    Customers respond very well to helpful and useful information so mix up your messages when you post. It's not all about you, help other people and businesses with articles they will find useful. They are more likely to read what you write and more likely to follow you.

    To learn more about setting up or using Twitter go here

  • Retail Product Marketing For Craft Businesses

    Businesses need to market their products in order for people to know that their business exists. If you have a retail business, marketing is the most important way to get your business going. However, many business owners often cringe when they hear the word marketing because it has always been associated with being expensive. And sometimes, you can get too busy with your day to day operations that you sometimes overlook the importance of getting your business out there.

    If you don’t want to spend too much money on advertising your retail business, there are plenty of ways that you can market your products without you putting your business on the line. Here are a few simple yet very effective ways to market your retail business:

    Social Media
    Yes, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest – they will work wonders for your business. People spend hours every month on social media that it can almost guarantee you that your retail business will be seen. You must also have an online presence if you want to be on-trend and compete with other businesses. The massive reach of social media cannot be achieved by any other platform but it is also one of the most inexpensive ways of promoting your business. All you need is a computer and an internet connection, a few minutes everyday to update and manage your site, and that’s it – you have the potential of reaching millions of customers with just one click of a mouse.

    Join Local Fairs
    You don’t have to join a national or international exhibit to get your business known. Sometimes, joining your local craft fair can be one of the most effective ways to meet your customers. If you have a physical store in your town or city, joining a fair gets you personal with your customer, where they can compare your products with other competitors and give you feedback on the spot. It can also be your opportunity to show your customers your brand image and what your business is about.

    Give Promotions
    There’s nothing better than freebies and giveaways when you buy something out of a store. Give away freebies during your store’s anniversary or on special holidays like Christmas or Valentine’s Day. Getting something for free will definitely give a smile to your customer, making them want to come back in the hopes for more promotions in future special times of the year.

    Have Good Customer Service
    When people come to your store and buy something, they expect to be satisfied with the product and the service. Good customer service doesn’t happen when your customers have already bought your product. It has to be before, during, and after they buy from you. When they have a good experience at your store or online, you are sure that they will tell their friends, bring other people when they come back, and keep coming back to buy more from you. Word of mouth can be one of the most effective marketing techniques you can have. So keep your customers happy by putting them first above all things.

  • Using Google Paid Adverts for Wholesale Advertising

    Paid advertising corresponds to purchasing time whether on radio, television, newspaper, or in this article, the web. It helps your business by posting it or broadcasting it for viewers to see and potential customers to know or be aware of your wholesale business and they charge you for it.
    How Google Paid Adverts Work:

    Selecting Your Budget

    When using Google for your wholesale business advertising, you will start by selecting your everyday budget that you will be comfortable with and may change it any time. Google does not have a minimum amount and you are also not locked in with a contract. It is just up to you.

    How Google Charges You
    You are not charged by Google when your ad is presented, only if an internet surfer, a viewer, or a potential customer clicks your ad. Meaning, Google is only paid when a potential customer of your wholesale business gets to open or visit your ad that is posted in Google.

    Setting Up Your Maximum Amount for Advertisement
    You will need to specify a maximum amount for your advertisement that you are willing to pay for each potential or prospective customer that opens or visits your website just by clicking on your advertisement. This finds out your ranking on the search results your advertisement appears which tells you how often the potential or prospective customers visit or clicks your ad or your website. Google Adwords are applicable, for higher quality scores and a high advertising position, however, if your competition bids higher than you; you will still be able to win the higher position than your competition in a lower cost with the highly targeted keywords and advertisement.

    Google Paid Adverts for Your Business
    For your wholesale business advertising, the Adwords by Google, can deliver the right message to your potential or prospective customers that you want to seek. They use specific phrases that would interest your potential customers. They also help decide what people are looking for in a wholesale business, that they would direct the viewers or potential customers to a list of advertised companies or might be your website. They can even place a map on your website for the potential and prospective customers to visit your wholesale office or your wholesale store. They can even display your ad on specified days of the week, hours in a day, or other devices.

    Most people use Google to search on the items for wholesale business by keywords, or by the product name or item number. And just when Google presents your ad, the viewer would be interested to click or visit your website or webpage to view what is in it. People who tend to click on your ad will direct them to your website or webpage and they will learn more about your wholesale business and the products and items that you are selling to the interested buyers or even the potential and prospective customers.
    When posting advertisement for your wholesale business, remember to put in details about your business, like why you are different from the rest to get the attention of the potential customers.

  • Why Use Facebook for Your Wholesale or Retail Business

    The influence of the worldwide web has truly revolutionized everything. In the world of wholesale or retail business, the internet has also made its mark as the main vehicle of interaction between businesses and customers.

    Almost all businesses today have at least one social media presence online. One of the most used platforms is Facebook. With over 1 billion users all over the world, Facebook is one of the most powerful ways to reach out to your target customers. The average user spends 8 hours every month on Facebook, which means if you have an account with this site, there's so much possibility that your social media marketing technique will be visible to your specific market, making it an effective tool to get your business visible.
    Here are exact reasons why you should use Facebook for your wholesale or retail business:
    1. Branding
    Facebook allows users to post photos on your personal account or fan page. You can post your logo, your print ad and absolutely anything about your company. It is a great way to show the image of your brand to the world as you can control how other businesses and customers view your company.

    2. Unlimited Fans
    Personal accounts have a limit of 5,000 friends. But if you set up a Facebook page for your business, the possibilities are endless. There is no limit to how many users can "Like" your page, which means there's a possibility of reaching out to millions and millions of customers. Take Coca Cola, for example, who now have over 76 million Likes and counting. The opportunity to reach this massive number of people and businesses is like no other. You can promote new products anytime you want, and your followers will get to see them in just one click – that's power that can't be met by any other marketing strategy.

    3. Unlimited Access
    Having your Fan Page means your customers get to talk to you directly. By using the personal message function or comments on your posts, customers get to interact with you in as easy as 1-2-3. You are able to directly ask your customers about reviews, opinions, and absolutely anything. Facebook can also be used as a customer service site, as anyone can send you a message anytime.
    4. Marketing
    Have a new product? Are you having a sale? Or do you want to show some teasers for an upcoming event or product line? You don't have to hire a celebrity to endorse your brand nor do you have to be printed in the newspaper to get your message out there. By using Facebook, you are already communicating to your target audience by posting any of your marketing strategies.

    5. Search Engine Optimization
    Facebook pages are indexed by search engines such as Google. So everything you post on your page can be found by anyone who types in a keyword on the Google or Yahoo search box. Even if a business or a customer is not one of your followers but are looking for a certain product, once he looks for it online, your page will be included in the list of searches.

    To create a Facebook page go here

  • Using Facebook Paid Adverts for Wholesale Advertising

    It’s no mystery that Facebook has massive reach.  With over 500 million users worldwide, it is often said that if it were a country, it would be the 3rd most populated in the world, only coming behind China and India.  And it is because of this reach that many businesses are using Facebook to get to their customers.

    When you have a Facebook account or Fan Page, you have the potential to connect to millions of people who spend hours online every month.  But why should your business pay for a Facebook advertisement when you already have a free Facebook presence?  Simple – to get to your target customers more effectively.

    Here are 3 major reasons why your wholesale business should advertise on Facebook Paid Adverts:

    Target Customers

    Your wholesale business works on a business to business platform.  Most often than not, Facebook users are individual persons who have personal accounts.  Though there are many business pages out there, the majority of people who use this social media site are individuals.  If you have a wholesale business, you want to reach and connect to other retail businesses.  By using Facebook Paid Adverts, you can reach your exact target customer, helping you weed out those connections that are not included in your target market.

    You can choose to show your Facebook ad to people in a specific location, age bracket, gender, interests, connections, workplace, and even education.  Facebook makes sure that your ad will get to the right customers and not just to as many people who may not be interested with your business at all.

    You Can Set a Budget

    You can choose from two options on your Facebook ad budget.  You can avail of the cost per click option or the cost per thousand.  For the cost per click, you only pay Facebook for every person who gets to your site or Page through the ad.  For the cost per thousand, you get to pay for every 1000 ad views.  You can also set a daily or total budget for your ad.  This can be very relevant for those who have a limited budget for their marketing, as you can set how much you want to spend on your ad, leaving you with no surprises once you get your bill.

    You Can Monitor Interaction

    Facebook will provide you with a tool that will show you how effective your ad is.  Facebook Insights is a reporting tool that will help you decide to narrow or broaden your target.  This is very important for your wholesale business as this shows you if you’re getting the most of what you pay for.

    To find out more about Facebook advertising click here

  • Using Google Paid Adverts For Craft Retail Advertising

    Google is one of the most used search engines on the web today.  If you’re one of the millions of people around the world who use Google, you’ve definitely noticed all the websites around the pages and listing whenever you search for something.  Have you ever wondered how these sponsored ads are there in the first place?

    If you have a retail business and you have a website, then listen up.  Google AdWords is Google’ main advertising platform and their main source of income.  In short, these ads that you see on Google listings is how the company makes money.  And many businesses, small or big, have been using this service to grow and market their business- whether wholesale or retail or services.  If you want Google to help you develop your retail business or simply get more prospective clients, then Google Paid Adverts is right for you.

    How It Works

    Using Google Paid Adverts is very simple.  For example, you gift boxes in your store.  When someone types in “gift boxes” on the Google search box, the highest ranked websites will appear on the page and so will your paid advertisement found on the right side of the page.  When the customer sees your ad and clicks and visits your website, you get a potential customer.

    You don’t need to pay a hefty amount of money to advertise on Google.  Google Paid Adverts work on a pay-per-click platform.  You only pay the company everytime someone gets to visit your site through the ad that Google posts on their pages.  If you don’t get any visits, then you simply don’t pay anything.  You pay for every successful customer reach.

    Advantages of Google Paid Adverts

    When you advertise through Google, you’ll only get a small space on the page but they’re always direct to the point.  This means that your message will be clear and straightforward.  People’s attention spans in the internet are so short that although your ad may be short, it’s highly effective.

    You can also choose to have a local, national, or international distribution.  If your retail business is small, then you can opt to choose your ad to be distributed to servers that exist in your area and neighboring regions.  If you have a business with a national presence, you can also choose to have national distribution.

    Google Paid Adverts can also appear on different places on the web, not just on product listing ads.  When someone searches for a product that you have online, your ad can appear on different online platforms such as social media and other websites.  Your ad can also appear on their mobile phones, tablets, and other devices.

    The key to making a successful Google ad is to understand how it works.  Don’t just register, apply for an ad and have it placed on their product listings.  Learn how to make the most of this platform and use it to its full advantage.

    To find out more about advertising with Google paid ads click here

  • Busy Wholesale Season

    The wholesale season is in full swing and this hot weather isn’t helping much. We have just returned from our buying trip in the far east and it was actually hotter here in the UK!!. It was a long trip but we managed to get round all our wholesale suppliers and looked at some lovely products. We found when we are on wholesale buying trips it’s good to make a plan to get round all the factories otherwise it is very east to get distracted with all the new businesses popping up.  We never seem to have much time to enjoy ourselves but it’s very interesting being at the manufacturers plant and seeing all the wholesale craft lines being produced for different countries.  We search out the best products to come back to the UK for our wholesale customers so your getting best prices and quality products to offer to your customers too.  If you haven’t opened a wholesale account then go to our contact form and start saving today. We are always looking for new customers and would love to hear from you and about your business.

  • Wholesale Buttons - Why You Should Bulk Buy

    When you're in the business of crafts and clothing, there are many materials that you need for that thriving business or hobby. Once you start producing your own crafts and clothing, you start to accumulate materials here and there. Sometimes when you go to a store, something catches your eye and you buy it without thinking if you will actually use it. Or other times, when you buy just one piece and you realize you need more, when you go back to the store, they already ran out of the merchandise. Either way, both scenarios can turn out to be a hassle. That is why it is important for you to actually plan your purchases before you head to the store.

    One way to make your craft material shopping experience an effective and fruitful one is by buying them in bulk. Buttons are one of the most versatile and useful craft materials that you can find. They are used on clothing and on almost every craft project imaginable. Buying buttons in bulk is one sure fire way of satisfying your clothing and craft projects needs. Most often than not, you'd need at least a dozen buttons for any sewing project and buying them in bulk is the only way to go.

    There are many suppliers on line who will be more than happy to fulfil your every button need. Most of these on line stores offer bulk buttons in small and large quantities in a wide variety. You have all the options you need with wholesale suppliers. There are also hundreds of thousands of wholesale craft material suppliers all around the country; you just need to look for one near your area. But why buy bulk buttons? When stockpiling can actually lead to stuff that won't be used at all? This is actually false thinking. When you buy something that you like, you actually have a tendency to buy that item again and use it on your other projects. And when you have stuff lying around the house, you actually become more productive and inspired to actually make more projects. Continue reading

  • We Sell Wholesale Feathers For Crafting

    When you plan on opening a business with crafts or you just simply want to feed your craft obsessions, there's nothing more exciting and exhilarating than going to a store and picking out your many craft materials. If you plan to make just one or two craft projects, then buying your supply at your local craft store is the thing to do. But if you're an avid crafter or if you have a craft business, then buying in bulk is the only way to go.

    It might seem a little overwhelming to buy your materials in bulk--it seems as though you won't be able to really use or sell all of them, but once you actually have your supplies, your thinking will change. There are so many benefits of buying your craft materials in bulk. Craft supplies like buttons, ribbons, beads, and wholesale feathers are some materials that are ideal to buy in bulk. Continue reading

  • Buying a Domain Name for your Wholesale Business

    What is a Domain Name?
    A domain name is defined as an identification string that defines a realm of administrative autonomy, authority, or control on the internet. Which means it specifies your site and has the authority to access your web page to the internet.

    Choosing Your Domain Name
    A domain name can be too pricy or may be affordable, depending on the demand of the name. When buying a domain name for your wholesale business, you will need to check on your business name for availability whether if someone had already named their business in the same desired name as yours. If someone already had your desired domain name, the domain tool will suggest another list of names for you to choose or you could simply make another one for yourself which would still go through domain checks.

    After you have verified your business name, analyze on where to buy a domain name for your business. Choosing the domain name can be frustrating but also exciting. When selecting the domain that defines your business, select those that are in demand and in a highly and respected manner since most of the website viewers compare business names to the most popular sites especially the hosted sites. You also need to choose whether such domain can protect your products online and other security and help reasons.

    Domain names for wholesale business names are often misspelled, that is why it is recommended to get the spelling variants for names. It is said to help the direct traffic of your web site even if the net surfer gets it misspelled. Domain names may also help you in promoting and enabling your market of business for your items or products and your services offered.

    Registering Your Domain Name
    Registering a domain name is very easy yet very important task to do for your business. Patience and time is needed when buying a domain name, something that should relate to your company or your business. Make it brief and simple so that viewers can easily remember it. If you name it very long, potential customers will not appreciate it since not all viewers have the patience to remember it. Take note that a domain name is the first impression you make for your potential customers and or viewers. It is equal to the products or items you are selling. Most domain providers help you whether in suggesting a desired business domain name and or take care of finishing the registration for you. It fits the purpose of your business website.

    Do not pick a domain name that is almost the same as your competitors, this would confuse your potential customers or your viewers. They might get the domain by mistake and would end up purchasing items from your competitors. Choose a domain name that offers you sub-domains, control panel, email account, and support. Domain names with prices that include business related email accounts with a huge storage space for the email account, and can add some web space, tools for building your site and other features.

    For cheap domain names and more information click here

  • The Many Benefits of Buying Craft Materials Wholesale

    If you're an avid crafter, want to start crafting, or a craft entrepreneur, the one very essential thing to stock up on is your craft supply. From basic tools like scissors, pliers, and screwdrivers to glue and soldering guns--you need to have your wide array of craft materials. Obviously, if you don't have the materials in the first place, you won't be able to feed your craft cravings.

    There is a whole world of possibilities for craft projects and having the right kind of supplies at the right amount is necessary. One very smart way to purchase your supplies is by buying them wholesale from us. When you buy at your local craft or bookstore, you get to buy a few pieces of materials at a marked up price. If you plan to sell your projects, the profit margin is not that much since you won't have too much space for mark up. However, if you buy your materials from our wholesale company, you have all the possibilities of pricing your items with a much larger mark up, making you earn more. And when you earn more, you are more motivated to create more craft projects. Continue reading

  • The Palace Art Fair

    If your down in London this weekend then get along to the Palace Art and Craft Fair. This weekend it is being held at Fulham Palace from 17th – 19th May 2013.

    There will be exhibitions in fine art, painting, printmaking, photography and sculpture and not to mention very innovative craft makers and designers across all sorts of media. Lots of amazing unique jewellery, textiles, glass, ceramics, furniture and loads more.

    Continue reading

  • Using Bing Page Adverts for Wholesale Advertising is a web search engine from Microsoft. Its advantage is its social interrogation is stronger with the other sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Its result page is attractive that helps interest more potential customers and prospective customers. Bing can help you getting started with your business by creating traffic visits to your business website. You will be able to know why potential customers and prospective customers visit your business website. You can also improve your business website with the Bing data and tools. You can also know what you need in order to expand your business and increase your potential customers and prospective customers that will become your loyal customers.

    How to Use Bing for Your Business:
    Simple ways when creating a business ad with Bing are, setting a budget for the ad, writing the ad, choosing the keywords, and make payments for the ad.
    Before you start using Bing as your webpage advertiser, you will need to create an account to get access to Bing’s local business portal.

    Next, specify the details; your business address, your business phone number, your web addresses, your Facebook account, your Twitter account, your logo, special contacts like your additional phone numbers, and email addresses. You need to specify your type of wholesale business in choosing from the multiple categories.

    You will then need to create a free mobile website. You can add photos for your ad to give a sense of your business to your potential customers and prospective customers. Display photos that look really good to interest the potential and prospective customers for a positive experience. Give more details about your wholesale business or better yet some feedback from your loyal customers.

    As you open your account for Bing, make or create a campaign ad. In creating a campaign ad, you need to make a budget, write your business ad, and choose the keywords for your products of your business for the potential customers and prospective customers to use when searching products with Bing.
    Next, you will need to create accounts for your business ad, enter the payment settings and or the coupons for the business, and view the billing statements. Once you made the payment, you will be able to view the keywords on the campaign tab for your business ad. There you will be able to view if the keyword for your business is eligible and active. As soon as you have viewed the campaign ad, you may check the Reports on your Bing account for your business performance and the targets for your business.
    For maintenance of your ad with Bing, you may visit the setting and make adjustments on the tools provided such as research and optimization tools, management tools, performance analysis tools, and application downloads.

    Bing will also help seek potential customers or prospective customers by posting your business ad with other websites as long as you agree with web hosting which also allows expanding and increasing your number of potential customers and prospective customers.

    For more information on advertising your wholesale business on Bing Click Here 

  • Using Instagram for Retail Or Wholesale Marketing

    Retail businesses make use of several social media platforms to communicate to their customers. One website that is continuing to grow today is Instragram.
    Instagram was originally a free mobile photo sharing app but is now a full website where users can take pictures and videos, apply filters to the photos, and share them to social media platforms such as Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, and Flickr. It has increasingly grown over the years since its inception in 2010 and has 100 million users to date.
    Because of this popularity, many retail businesses are now using Instagram. About 60% of top brands worldwide are now on Instagram. If you have a business yourself, it's about time that you yourself create your very own Instagram account.

    Creating your account is very simple, you just sign up an account, upload your business logo, place a link to your website, connect to your social media accounts and that's it. It's that simple.
    If you've already set up your account, here are some tips on how to use Instagram to your advantage:

    Read the posts on Instagram for Business Blog
    The Instagram Blog for business offers tips and guides for businesses who use Instagram. The blog also posts current news and features brand spotlights every now and then. Here, you will learn how to use the site to promote and market your business and to inspire you to use the site to its full advantage.

    Engage Followers
    Once you've connected to your other social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter, engage your followers by following back. It creates a personal connection to your potential customer, making them feel that you acknowledge their presence. But aside from following them back, you can also like their photos. In social psychology, one of the tricks to having someone like you back is to like them. So when you show that you are interested in your customer, that act will definitely be reciprocated.

    Show your Products
    Since Instagram is mainly a photo-sharing site, post photos of your products. But don't just post generic pictures of the things that you sell. Make them interesting and fun. For example, you sell retail crafts. If you have a jacket for a puppy, don't just post a picture of the jacket. Have an adorably cute puppy wear the jacket and post it on your account. Users will definitely notice the puppy, and in turn, like the photo, generating traffic and likes to your product.

    Reward Your Followers
    Create online photo contests. Ask your customers to post photos of them using the crafts that they made from your products. Reward them with discounts and freebies. When you constantly give out free stuff to your followers and customers, they will definitely view your feed constantly.

    Start using Instagram today by clicking  here

  • Finding Retail Customers To Sell To

    Finding retail customers can be difficult and confusing for a business. Most customers decline your offers by telling you that they don't have the budget or they don't need the product. However, if you create a list of prospects and improve on your selling techniques, you have the potential to really grow your sales.

    Here are some ways to find retail customers for your business:

    Offering Products that Your Target Market Wants
    When you sell retail products to your customers, you should know what your target market wants right now. For example, if you are selling products for women such as specific clothes and accessories, offer items that are on-trend today. No one wants to look outdated and last season, so do your research and stock up on items that are hot selling as of this moment.

    Setting Up an Event
    Another technique in finding more customers is creating an interesting event were you could invite friends, relatives, and acquaintances. Advertise your event by placing posters or runniong adverts in local press for your store, handing out flyers to family and friends, posting on social media and hanging up a bright banner tarpaulin outside your store. It could be an anniversary fair for your store or a launching party for a product. Everyone loves a party and even though some guests may only be there for the free food and drinks, you’ll definitely be exposing your business to as many people as possible. Network as much as possible and get your brand out there.

    Offering Promotions
    Even if an individual has never shopped at your store, putting up a big SALE sign on your store window will definitely catch people’s attention. Every now and then, give customers more value for their money by giving out freebies, discounts, and other extras when they buy from you. Most often than not, they will keep coming back to your store in the hopes of another promotion or two.

    Joining Fairs
    When your local town or city is organizing trade fairs for local businesses, don’t hesitate to join. It’s one of the most effective ways to get your business known without you having to spend too much money. It’s a great way to meet potential customers as fairs give you a personal encounter with your target customer.

  • Good Customer Service – Why It Helps?

    It has often been said that if you make one customer happy, she will tell two of her friends about it, but if you make her unhappy, she will tell ten of her friends. This means that good customer service is not only recommended for any business, but it’s essential.
    Any business must have good customer service. Products do not speak for themselves alone, unless your business is a vending machine where people just place some money, press a button and that’s it. When you have a store or business, whether retail or wholesale, you need to meet with your customer and keep them satisfied. Good customer service is the lifeblood of a business and simply something that a business can’t do without.
    Here are a few tips on how to have good customer service for your business:

    Answer Inquiries
    Your customers will hate it when they call you and all they get on the other line is a machine. Answer your phone calls, emails, and comments on your social media platforms. This will make your customers feel important, making them want to patronize your business. Your ability to answer them in a timely manner will give them an idea about how you will do business with them once they place their orders. If you don’t respond to them right away at the start of your business relationship, they’ll think that that’s the way you’re going to respond to them once they order from you. So be prompt and answer inquiries as soon as you receive them.

    Avoid Making Promises
    If your customer expects her orders to arrive on a specific date that you promised but her shipment doesn’t arrive, she will be calling you. Don’t give your customers promises you can’t keep, instead, give them realistic expectations that you can meet.

    Deal with Complaints
    Your customer service does not end when your customer buys your products. You do good customer service because you want your customers to keep coming back so your business will stay alive. You don’t want customers to buy from you in a one-time thing. Be reliable and build relationships. When you build relationships with your customers, they will continue to buy from you, and they will even bring their family and friends with them to patronize your business.

    Ok not every customer is nice you get the occasional angry customer that just wants to shout and make a fuss. Don't take it personally let them have their rant and stay calm. Kill the situation with kindness, most of the time they wont know how to react to a smile when they are shouting. Never lose your cool and just get through the situation, a smile is disarming so use it to your advantage.

    Go the Extra Mile
    Even if you don’t profit directly from helping your customer, do so as well. For example, your customer just can't find the shade of button for her craft project. Dont shrug and say sorry I can't help, jump at the chance to help her and if you cant find the colour either, made suggestions for other items. These simply steps go along away, it shows you care and those things are remembered. Taking care of your customers without expecting anything in return is priceless and will surely help you build that trusting relationship with your customer. The simple rule is treat your customers the same way you would like to be treated and this will always stand you in good stead.

    The best form of marketing is word of mouth so if you can go the extra mile do something that your competition isn't doing these things get remembered and talked about. so think out of the box and get creative you will be surprised at how it can increase sales.

  • Wholesale Buttons

    Contact Telephone: 01562 540310

    Wholesale buttons can be purchased from Craft Wholesale UK and we offer free delivery throughout the UK. If you are running your own craft shop or website and can't find a good supplier then please get in touch. We are growing our wholesale button supply network daily and are clients range from individuals through to large organisations. We also offer worldwide shipping so please get in touch with your enquiries if you are based overseas.

    Browse through our button range and let us know which products interest you, we are happy to source items not currently listed too. Take advantage of buying wholesale as this will reduce your own costs when purchasing buttons and any other craft materials. We are here to help you make the right choice so send over your questions on purchasing wholesale buttons or any other craft materials.

    Buying wholesale makes the best sense if you want to save yourself money but also if you want to make money because you can then become a distributor for your own customers if you have them. Continue reading

  • Craft Fairs For 2013

    Check back regularly for updates on the best craft fairs around the UK for 2013. Look out for our business as we will be offering some great deals for anyone that buys from us. Continue reading

  • Wholesale Feather Suppliers

    Do you require a supply of good quality wholesale feathers for your customers? Well here at Craft Wholesale UK we have a great range of feathers for your customers.

    We bulk buy feathers and pass those saving on to you which is why when you see our prices you will amazed at how low they are. Some wholesale feather suppliers cut corners on the quality of the feathers they sell and use cheap dye to colour them. This results is less vibrant colours a poor quality product and ultimately if you sell them a unhappy customer that will probably ask for a refund or not return for more. We take great care in sourcing our products and inspect or deliveries regularly, we want your customers to be happy and we want you to be happy with your purchase.

    If you look at our wholesale website you can see we sell many colours of feathers in quill style and marabou. Both styles of feathers are very popular with schools and play groups as children love to craft with them. The use of feathers in crafting and garment making are pretty endless, so they are always going to be a good stock item for your store.

    Look over of wholesale feathers by following this link here and check out the lovely colours we supply. Remember you get a better discount on larger quantities that you purchase and if there is anything specific that you are looking for and it isn't on the website please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements. If you don't have an account yet then it's easy to open one just click here and we will send you a price list

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