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Using Facebook Paid Adverts for Wholesale Advertising

It’s no mystery that Facebook has massive reach.  With over 500 million users worldwide, it is often said that if it were a country, it would be the 3rd most populated in the world, only coming behind China and India.  And it is because of this reach that many businesses are using Facebook to get to their customers.

When you have a Facebook account or Fan Page, you have the potential to connect to millions of people who spend hours online every month.  But why should your business pay for a Facebook advertisement when you already have a free Facebook presence?  Simple – to get to your target customers more effectively.

Here are 3 major reasons why your wholesale business should advertise on Facebook Paid Adverts:

Target Customers

Your wholesale business works on a business to business platform.  Most often than not, Facebook users are individual persons who have personal accounts.  Though there are many business pages out there, the majority of people who use this social media site are individuals.  If you have a wholesale business, you want to reach and connect to other retail businesses.  By using Facebook Paid Adverts, you can reach your exact target customer, helping you weed out those connections that are not included in your target market.

You can choose to show your Facebook ad to people in a specific location, age bracket, gender, interests, connections, workplace, and even education.  Facebook makes sure that your ad will get to the right customers and not just to as many people who may not be interested with your business at all.

You Can Set a Budget

You can choose from two options on your Facebook ad budget.  You can avail of the cost per click option or the cost per thousand.  For the cost per click, you only pay Facebook for every person who gets to your site or Page through the ad.  For the cost per thousand, you get to pay for every 1000 ad views.  You can also set a daily or total budget for your ad.  This can be very relevant for those who have a limited budget for their marketing, as you can set how much you want to spend on your ad, leaving you with no surprises once you get your bill.

You Can Monitor Interaction

Facebook will provide you with a tool that will show you how effective your ad is.  Facebook Insights is a reporting tool that will help you decide to narrow or broaden your target.  This is very important for your wholesale business as this shows you if you’re getting the most of what you pay for.

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