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How to Use Email Marketing for Your Wholesale Craft Business

All businesses need to have marketing strategies.  You need to promote your products and business to create awareness, entice interest and desire, and eventually lead to sales that will give your company profit to succeed.  However, print ads, TV commercials, ad campaigns and product listings can be expensive.  One of the most effective yet inexpensive ways to get your wholesale craft business known is through email marketing.

Many wholesale businesses use email marketing because you are directly talking to your buyers.  It is also a favourite among companies because it costs very little but is one of the most effective ways of getting other businesses to know about you. So if you're considering email marketing, here are some tips that will help you do just that:

Wholesale craft businesses are different than retail businesses where they are in direct contact with the consumer.  Wholesale businesses deal with other businesses who then sell the wares per piece.  Because of this, wholesale businesses need to keep a low profile, since they wouldn't want the ordinary consumer to know where the store's products come from and how much their mark up is.  And it is also because of this that direct email marketing is highly ideal and effective for wholesale craft businesses.

When you sell our crafts or crafts supplies in bulk, the turn around of your products should be quick.  Any items that are left gathering dust and just sitting around are costing you money. Therefore, if you are not aggressive with your marketing strategy, your business will eventually fail.


Effective Subject Line
When emails are received, the very first things people see are the sender and the subject of the email.  Create a subject line that will catch the buyer's attention, enough to make him open the email.  This should be the very first thing you need to invest your time on since it's one of the first things buyers will see.

Make It Personal
Once you've come up with an eye-catching subject, it's time to create the content of your email.  Sometimes, when people write their content, they often forget that buyers' needs are different from each other.  Though your template may be similar across all your email contents, make it seem like you're writing the email only to your buyer.  Make them feel special, as if you really took the time to write that single email for them.  You can also address their needs instead of yours.  Highlight how their business can benefit by buying from you.

Make a Call to Action
The purpose of your email is to entice them to visit your website or store.  So provide a link to your site, or better yet, give them promo codes or freebies when they click the link through your email.

Time Your Email
Study the specific dates and times your potential customers check their email.  If you send them your email on a Friday night, most often than not, their inbox will probably be filled by all the other emails that they receive during the weekend that yours won't be seen anymore.  Also, don’t send your emails during holidays when your buyers aren't in the office.  So timing your email is also key.