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How to Be a Craft Wholesaler

So you've been making your very own craft projects for some time now.  Whether it is a hobby or a full-time business, the decision to wholesale your projects has finally come but you don’t really know where to start.  In this guide on how to be a craft wholesaler, you’ll be on your way to begin your business right after you read these tips:

Tip #1:  Choose which projects you can sell for half of its retail price and still make some money.  You may be making cute little picture frames with colourful buttons around it, or embroidered handkerchiefs.  Whatever it is you’re making, if you sell them by bulk, determine which ones can still give you profit even if you take 50% or more off the retail price.

Tip #2:  Once you know which craft projects you can sell for wholesale prices, decide which ones you can make by bulk in the shortest amount of time.  Being a craft wholesaler means you will be competing with other businesses like yours and the #1 thing customers want is to get the lowest prices possible.  But if you can deliver faster than your competition, then you’ll certainly have a step ahead.  If you can make a dozen little coin purses in a few hours, then by all means, choose this product to sell wholesale.

Tip #3:  Develop your catalogue of products.  You don’t have to have them printed in this day and age but make sure you have very clear pictures, have a simple lay-out, and place complete but brief descriptions on each product, as well as product codes and price.

Tip #4:  Once you have your catalogue of products, create a mailing list of customers.  Your clients could be retail businesses in your locality, individual people who would want to resell your products, or just about anyone.  You could join a craft fair and encourage people to give you their email addresses, or you can physically go from store to store to ask for their contact information.  Once you have a mailing list, send them a message on email regarding your business, as well as your catalogue.

Tip #5:  Create your very own wholesale terms.  You must make your terms and conditions clear so you won’t encounter any problems in the future regarding transactions and the selling and use of your products.  You can also include this in your email or after, when you’re making the transaction with your clients.

Tip #6:  Prepare a product presentation.  If a retail store would like to check your products and you don’t have an office or showroom yet, you can simply go to them and present samples of your inventory.  Or you can even use your presentation when you apply with the merchandising department of your local mall or department store.

Tip #7:  Don’t give up.  The first few days or even weeks of your craft wholesaler business may be a breeze or a disaster.  Either way, if you love what you do, you should stick with it and persevere.  If you fail, then take the lessons and use them. You only really fail when you give up so learn from your mistakes and keep moving forward.

Starting your own craft wholesaler business may be for you or not, but you’ll never really know unless you give it a try.  Take one step at a time and give craft wholesaling a try for your beloved craft projects and in a few years from now you will be wondering why you hesitated.