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  • Buying Wholesale Buttons

    Craft Wholesale UK supplies a good range of wholesale buttons for you to choose from. Our range consists of 14 different colours in various shades with a broad colour palette to show your clients . We are very sure we have the colours that will make your customers want to buy from you. We purchase straight from the source and check the quality of our buttons when they get manufactured.

    We sell wholesale buttons in 1kg bags and when you order in volume you can mix up your bags and still

    get the volume discount. So the minimum wholesale quantity is 1kg bag and if you purchase 5kg of buttons you can get a discount. The discount gets bigger on higher volume orders. If you want order large volumes of buttons then please email or call to discuss discount levels and time scales to process these orders.

    We use only high grade polyester for our buttons with strong vibrant colour fast dyes so we are sure you will like the quality of our buttons range. To get customers interested in your buttons it is a good idea to send out sample packs as the customer will be impressed with the quality.

    This will help in growing your wholesale button uk orders quicker than just letting them see them on your website. Always be prepared to send out small sample packs as that will increase your chances of order levels rising quicker.

    Please take a look at our range of buttons here as we offer shaded single colour 1kg bags and also mixed coloured 1kg bags.

    To order wholesale crafting materials with us you will need to open an account which is simple and straight forward. When you open an account and login you will be able to see our wholesale prices. We also offer free shipping to UK delivery addresses and orders are normally processed within 24hrs of your order.

    To open an account and start benefiting from wholesale pricing please click here

  • Making the Most of Wholesale Craft Fairs

    If you are in the business of selling wholesale craft materials, it's almost always necessary to attend a Wholesale Craft Fair.  Craft Fairs are fantastic opportunities to get your business out there to the industry.  Some shows are open to the public, while others are exclusive for buyers and other business owners only.  Whether you attend fairs that everyone can attend or for buyers only, either event can benefit you.  However, joining these fairs does not guarantee success.  Sure, there may be a big number of potential customers and buyers, but there can be instances where the amount you spend to show at the event is more than your profit.  Choosing the right wholesale craft fair for you needs to be considered properly and with the right research and planning.

    Here are a few tips on how to make the most out of showing at wholesale craft fairs:

    First, Finding the Right Venue
    While an international craft fair is your ultimate dream, if you’re a start-up distributor, this may not be for you.  Sure, you are exposed to international buyers who have the capacity to order tens of thousands of merchandise from you, but do you actually have that capacity?  Think about what kind of companies show at these international craft fairs.  You might not be able to compete with their production capacity and their prices, leaving you empty handed at the end of the day.  So consider the other companies who will be attending, the buyers who will come to the show, and the purpose and location of the event.

    Second, Start Small
    If it will be your company's first time to show at a craft fair, don't invest everything you have in the hopes of attracting the most buyers.  Always start small by testing your market first.  One great idea is to share a booth with another company.  You get to save on rental space, your set up and display doesn't have to be so big, plus, you get to build a relationship with another distributor, as long as your products don't compete with each other.  It's also ideal that your products complement each other.  For example, you offer ribbons and other trimmings, while the business you're sharing your booth with is selling buttons, beads, and sequins.  Look for another business where sharing a booth will benefit the both of you.

    Bring a Credit Card Machine
    Spontaneous purchases happen a lot, so when a customer doesn't have cash with her, don’t make her go to another company that has a credit card machine.  You will lose their interest when they'd have to look for an ATM somewhere else to be able to buy your goods.  Most often than not, another booth with this service will catch their eye, leaving that potential sale into zero.

    Build a Mailing List
    Just because buyers who see your booth won't be buying today, it doesn't mean they won't forever.  Get their business cards, email, just about all of their contacts.  Once the fair wraps up, build your mailing list, and send out catalogues and samples to these buyers every now and then.  Craft Fairs aren't just for sales, it's the best way to build a network of business contacts. So take advantage of this and create a large mailing list to promote your wholesale craft business.

    For more information on Wholesale craft fairs visit this site here

  • Why Trade Shows are Good for Your Craft Business

    If you happen to be in the business of craft retailing, then one of the best things that you can do to get the best products for your store is to attend local and international trade shows.

    Trade shows are organized by certain organizations, whether public or private, that get together members of a specific industry, to set up stalls or booths and showcase their products or services.  It is a great avenue for many new and established businesses to get their company to a large number of people who are also in the industry, most especially the buyers.  If you have a retail business, then that's you.

    When you have a retail craft business, sometimes the smallest difference in price can mean whether a customer will buy your product or not. If she can find the exact same product at a different store but at a slightly smaller amount, she most definitely will opt to buy the cheaper one.  This is why sourcing the best products at the best prices will be one of the very keys to your business success.

    Attending trade shows will help you do just that.  Here are 5 reasons why Attending Trade Shows is Good for your Retail Business:

    See the Latest Products
    Wholesalers, distributors, and manufacturers are the ones who usually exhibit at craft shows.  It is a great platform for them to show buyers about their latest products.  When you're a buyer, this is the best place to find out what the newest products are and to help your store become up-to-date with all the new trends in the industry.

    Compare Products
    Nowhere else will you be able to compare products better and faster than attending trade shows.  One company's products can be viewed in one minute, and you can immediately compare it to another company beside it.  You get to compare materials, quality, price, and just about everything else in one single venue.  Through this, you get to determine which supplier has the best quality and at the best price for your business.

    Visit Your Regular Suppliers
    Building relationships with your suppliers is one of the best ways to make your business succeed. If your suppliers are showing at the trade show you are attending, it can be a great time for you to meet with the people behind the company, show your support, talk about business, and see their newest offerings.

    Trade shows don't just involve companies who are exhibiting and offering their products and services.  There are usually forums, talks from industry leaders and experts, and even workshops that will help you in making the right decisions and help you grown your business.  Take advantage of this.

    Attending trade shows exposes you to companies that you would never get to know if you just stayed in your office or store. By checking out other distributors, local or foreign, you are opening your business to more opportunities and possibilities.  Even though you won't be buying from them today, you might need their products in the future.  So get as many business cards as you can, give out as many of your business cards as well, and build your network.

  • Preparing Your Wholesale Business for the Holiday Season

    For wholesale businesses and every other business for that matter, the holiday season is the busiest time of the year. With so many Christmas parties and gatherings, people from all walks of life need products and services that would fit their demands for this special once a year event.

    For your wholesale craft business, this means schools, homes, and companies will be needing your products to make Christmas decorations and other things to transform their dull living and work spaces into festive places. For crafters and professional craft makers, this means they need to buy a whole lot of your products to be able to meet the demands of their clients who will be needing their finished work for holiday decorations and gifts.

    To prepare for the influx of shoppers during this holiday season, here are some tips to help you operate your business in a smoother and more effective way:

    Continue reading

  • Wholesale Buttons - Why You Should Bulk Buy

    When you're in the business of crafts and clothing, there are many materials that you need for that thriving business or hobby. Once you start producing your own crafts and clothing, you start to accumulate materials here and there. Sometimes when you go to a store, something catches your eye and you buy it without thinking if you will actually use it. Or other times, when you buy just one piece and you realize you need more, when you go back to the store, they already ran out of the merchandise. Either way, both scenarios can turn out to be a hassle. That is why it is important for you to actually plan your purchases before you head to the store.

    One way to make your craft material shopping experience an effective and fruitful one is by buying them in bulk. Buttons are one of the most versatile and useful craft materials that you can find. They are used on clothing and on almost every craft project imaginable. Buying buttons in bulk is one sure fire way of satisfying your clothing and craft projects needs. Most often than not, you'd need at least a dozen buttons for any sewing project and buying them in bulk is the only way to go.

    There are many suppliers on line who will be more than happy to fulfil your every button need. Most of these on line stores offer bulk buttons in small and large quantities in a wide variety. You have all the options you need with wholesale suppliers. There are also hundreds of thousands of wholesale craft material suppliers all around the country; you just need to look for one near your area. But why buy bulk buttons? When stockpiling can actually lead to stuff that won't be used at all? This is actually false thinking. When you buy something that you like, you actually have a tendency to buy that item again and use it on your other projects. And when you have stuff lying around the house, you actually become more productive and inspired to actually make more projects. Continue reading

  • We Sell Wholesale Feathers For Crafting

    When you plan on opening a business with crafts or you just simply want to feed your craft obsessions, there's nothing more exciting and exhilarating than going to a store and picking out your many craft materials. If you plan to make just one or two craft projects, then buying your supply at your local craft store is the thing to do. But if you're an avid crafter or if you have a craft business, then buying in bulk is the only way to go.

    It might seem a little overwhelming to buy your materials in bulk--it seems as though you won't be able to really use or sell all of them, but once you actually have your supplies, your thinking will change. There are so many benefits of buying your craft materials in bulk. Craft supplies like buttons, ribbons, beads, and wholesale feathers are some materials that are ideal to buy in bulk. Continue reading

  • The Many Benefits of Buying Craft Materials Wholesale

    If you're an avid crafter, want to start crafting, or a craft entrepreneur, the one very essential thing to stock up on is your craft supply. From basic tools like scissors, pliers, and screwdrivers to glue and soldering guns--you need to have your wide array of craft materials. Obviously, if you don't have the materials in the first place, you won't be able to feed your craft cravings.

    There is a whole world of possibilities for craft projects and having the right kind of supplies at the right amount is necessary. One very smart way to purchase your supplies is by buying them wholesale from us. When you buy at your local craft or bookstore, you get to buy a few pieces of materials at a marked up price. If you plan to sell your projects, the profit margin is not that much since you won't have too much space for mark up. However, if you buy your materials from our wholesale company, you have all the possibilities of pricing your items with a much larger mark up, making you earn more. And when you earn more, you are more motivated to create more craft projects. Continue reading

  • Wholesale Buttons

    Contact Telephone: 01562 540310

    Wholesale buttons can be purchased from Craft Wholesale UK and we offer free delivery throughout the UK. If you are running your own craft shop or website and can't find a good supplier then please get in touch. We are growing our wholesale button supply network daily and are clients range from individuals through to large organisations. We also offer worldwide shipping so please get in touch with your enquiries if you are based overseas.

    Browse through our button range and let us know which products interest you, we are happy to source items not currently listed too. Take advantage of buying wholesale as this will reduce your own costs when purchasing buttons and any other craft materials. We are here to help you make the right choice so send over your questions on purchasing wholesale buttons or any other craft materials.

    Buying wholesale makes the best sense if you want to save yourself money but also if you want to make money because you can then become a distributor for your own customers if you have them. Continue reading

  • Wholesale Feather Suppliers

    Do you require a supply of good quality wholesale feathers for your customers? Well here at Craft Wholesale UK we have a great range of feathers for your customers.

    We bulk buy feathers and pass those saving on to you which is why when you see our prices you will amazed at how low they are. Some wholesale feather suppliers cut corners on the quality of the feathers they sell and use cheap dye to colour them. This results is less vibrant colours a poor quality product and ultimately if you sell them a unhappy customer that will probably ask for a refund or not return for more. We take great care in sourcing our products and inspect or deliveries regularly, we want your customers to be happy and we want you to be happy with your purchase.

    If you look at our wholesale website you can see we sell many colours of feathers in quill style and marabou. Both styles of feathers are very popular with schools and play groups as children love to craft with them. The use of feathers in crafting and garment making are pretty endless, so they are always going to be a good stock item for your store.

    Look over of wholesale feathers by following this link here and check out the lovely colours we supply. Remember you get a better discount on larger quantities that you purchase and if there is anything specific that you are looking for and it isn't on the website please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements. If you don't have an account yet then it's easy to open one just click here and we will send you a price list

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