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Benefits of Email Marketing to Your Wholesale Business

While there are many ways to promote your wholesale craft business to the industry, one marketing strategy that has remained effective for many years is email marketing.

Some people may think it's ineffective, that it annoys people, that it can sometimes be considered as spam mail, and all the other misconceptions of this method of promotion.  But if you know what to do with this powerful tool, then all the above mentioned concerns will certainly be put to rest.

Before you spend a ridiculous amount of money on product listings that get you nowhere, take a look at these 3 benefits of email marketing that will definitely make you get on your computer and start emailing away.

To Increase Sales
Sure not everyone on your mailing list may open your email, but your effort in sending to the right people will guarantee that your business will be known.  Create an eye catching subject line and for sure, your recipient will definitely click on your email and start reading away.  Attract attention with your very first words, create desire to visit your website, and provide a call to action that will make them click on your website's link. They might not buy anything from you just yet, but at least your buyers are aware that you exist.  When the time comes that a customer of theirs is looking for a specific product that only you can provide, you will definitely turn that email into a profit.

Save Time and Money
Email marketing is one of the most inexpensive ways to get your business known.  All you need to do is take some time to craft the perfect email and send to as many potential buyers as you can.  You don't have to hire someone to do it for you as you can easily do it yourself.  You don't have to think about an elaborate ad campaign, nor pay for product listings in a magazine or online marketplace.

Build Relationship with Existing Buyers
When a buyer has already availed of your products and services, keeping in touch with them is key to building and fostering a continuous business relationship.  Send them emails about your new products, promotions and sales, and keep it personal.  There's nothing more effective than making your buyers feel special, that they end up choosing your business over others.  Take care of your relationships by constantly sending them emails and you'll surely establish regular business transactions.

Effective Tool for Feedback
Even when you're not sending them emails to promote or sell anything, you can take advantage of their email contacts to get feedback. Ask your buyers what their needs are, what they want to buy, how they want their items to be shipped, how happy or dissatisfied they are with your service, and all the other questions you want to ask. By giving importance to their opinions and needs, you are building a relationship outside of sales that your buyers will surely appreciate.

Staying in touch with your customer base is more important than ever and email marketing is a great medium to let your customers know that you are still about and it helps to keep re enforcing the brand with them. Remember to try and keep your emails a little personal and not all about trying to sell sell sell, this way your customers are more likely to open the emails and be interested in what you have to say. Equally when you do send  out a special offer email they are more likely to purchase.