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5 Reasons to Stock up on Ribbons for Your Daughter

Dressing up your daughter is one of the greatest things about being a mum. The countless choices for little girl’s fashions are endless and you'll never run out of ideas. However, it’s not always ideal to keep on buying new clothes and accessories whenever you have a special event to go to. Sometimes, all it needs is a little tiny ribbon to transform an old piece of headband or dress into a spanking new one.

If you're a mum with a little girl, the number one craft material you should always stock up on are satin ribbons. In fact, it’s even a greater idea to buy satin ribbon wholesale for more savings – in today’s world and economy, the wise mum is the frugal mum.

Here are 5 reasons why you should stock up on satin ribbons for your daughter:

Ribbons Can Be Used as a Belt
Does your daughter have a plain yellow dress? Make it even cuter and eye-catching with a satin ribbon tied on the waist. Use a colour that’s in contrast with the colour of the dress to make it more interesting. For a yellow dress, use blue ribbon. For a pink one, use violet ribbon.

A satin ribbon tied on the waist is the simplest way to jazz up any little girl’s outfit. You can use it on skirts, trousers, and even shorts.

Ribbons Can Serve As Headbands
Little girls always look cute when they wear satin headbands. Simply take a meter of satin ribbon, place it behind her neck and bring it up over her head then make a cute little bow. Your daughter will look as prim and proper as a little princess. Buy the ribbons in different colours so your daughter can wear a different one every day to school.

You can also make a bow and using clear glue stick, place it on an already existing plain headband. Or you can use the ribbon as a hair tie for your daughter’s ponytail.

Ribbons Can Serve as Brooches
Satin flowers add elegance to any dress. Make your daughter look regal by sewing a satin flower on her dress. Or you can sew-on a safety pin on the back of the flower and use it on many of her dresses as a brooch.

You can pin it on the chest area of your daughter’s dress or on a simple tank. Your daughter will surely look pretty with a satin flower on her outfit.

Ribbons Can Add Flair to Shoes
While everyone has boring old flats, you can use a satin ribbon to add colour and fun to your daughter’s shoes. You can make a bow or a flower and glue it on top of your daughter’s shoes. You can even place it on her slippers, sneakers, and even boots.

Ribbons Can Make Any Purse or Bag Pretty
Nothing’s cuter than a small purse with a big satin ribbon on it – it’s like your daughter’s actually carrying a flower but it’s actually a purse. Make a really big flower and glue it on top of your daughter’s purse. If she has a tote, tie a ribbon around one of the straps and make a bow. Using any ordinary canvass tote, the ribbon will instantly transform into a pretty piece of accessory that your daughter will surely love.