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Monthly Archives: September 2014

  • Moving Your Wholesale Business From Ebay to Your Website

    Using Ebay to sell your wholesale crafts and craft supplies is a very good idea as you are able to reach millions of potential customers.  As one of the top 20 most visited sites on the internet today, Ebay has successfully helped businesses and individuals worldwide make money by selling goods in an online platform that allows you to promote your products to a global audience. However, as your wholesale craft business grows, using Ebay may not be enough to meet the needs of your company.

    Therefore, creating your own website may be the next step to bringing your business to the next level.  But if you've gotten so used to selling wholesale crafts on Ebay, switching to your own website may not be so easy.

    To help make that transition easier and smoother, here are 5 tips to make that smooth move from Ebay to your very own website:

    First, Don't Quit Ebay All At Once
    Sure, you now have your own website where you no longer have to adhere to rules and pay certain fees.  But how are you going to generate traffic?  Don't quit Ebay cold turkey.  Maintain your presence on the site to attract more customers, but you can put a link to your website by placing it in your Ebay's About Page or at your product's description.  Even if you have your own site, you can still use Ebay to generate traffic and to have your business known.

    Second, Create a Mailing List
    Get your previous and regular customers' contacts from your Ebay transactions, and email them telling them about your new website.  You can also give out coupons or promo codes in your email, to entice them to visit your site.

    Third, Create a Social Media Presence
    Create a Facebook or Twitter account, post photos on Instagram or Pinterest, and attract followers.  Place your website's links on your pages, and drive traffic to your site.  Almost all businesses today have a social media presence and if you don't have one, then you'll surely miss out.

    Fourth, Provide a Pay Pal Function
    Paying on Ebay is mostly used through Pay Pal.  Create the same ease in your new website by offering the same payment method.  You can coordinate with Pay Pal and put this function on your site so customers will find it easy to send their payments to you.  Safe and secure, Pay Pal is the most used method to pay and be paid in the world.

    Create an Affiliate Program
    If you just launched your website, it can be a challenging thing to get people talking about your business.  Sure you can use social media but to maximize your on line presence, creating an affiliate program will boost your traffic.  By having bloggers and writers write about your site and providing them a link, they are giving you low-cost advertising that's proven to be effective.  You just have to pay them a small amount every time someone clicks on the link from their site, and you'll immediately get a potential customer directed to your website.

  • Joining a Craft Fair for the 1st Time? Here are Some Do’s and Don’ts

    Joining a craft fair for the very first time is like an unwritten initiation for anyone who’s just begun making a profit out of selling their own handmade products. This is where you get to meet other crafters who are just as passionate about their crafts as you, as well as bigger businesses like craft wholesale UK suppliers.

    But before you jump in on your first chance of showing what you can do to the general public, it’s time you equip yourself with a few Do’s and Don'ts to make your successful entry to the craft community.

    Do Get All the Information you can get about the Event
    If you don’t know anything about the fair you’re about to join, do some research. Check the average turnout of people, what kind of customers to expect, the size of your stall, and just about any information you can get. Some craft fair organizers only provide you with one table and chair so if you’re bringing someone with you, make sure you have enough seating for the both of you.

    Also, you can do some research on how your actual booth will look like by checking out previous photos of the event. You can then easily plan on how to arrange your merchandise to make your booth look appealing and organized.

    Do Make More Products than you Need
    Knowing how much items to make and bring to the fair can be tricky if it’s your first time. Depending on how big your stall is and the duration of the show, you can gauge how much merchandise you will bring. It’s always best to bring more stuff than you actually need. If you can place 50 pieces of coin purses on your show table and the event is a 2-day market fair, then it’s ideal to prepare at least 200 pieces of products.

    Do Bring Money for Change
    Customers don’t like to wait. When a customer pays you, make sure you have enough change, otherwise you’ll end up keeping them waiting –which they hate. If you don’t have change ready, you might even lose your customer if she’s in a hurry. So have a few large bills changed at the bank before the event if you have to. Not having enough money for change is a big No No.

    Don’t Keep Yourself Busy with Your Phone or Tablet
    There will be times when no one will be looking at your display. Don’t use this time to check on your Facebook or Instagram. People will most likely pass by your stall if they think you’re busy with something. Customers will not interrupt you since people are naturally polite. So if you must check your Facebook status, stop immediately once you see customers coming.

    Don’t Put All Your Merchandise on the Table
    Avoid squeezing all your items on your table. You might think this is a great way to show more merchandise but a cluttered display is very unappealing. Make sure your display is good to the eye, well organized, and every single item is visible for customers to see. The tendency for putting so much stuff on your table is that other products will be piled on top of another.

    Other important things you need to bring are business cards, food to eat so you wouldn't have to leave your booth, and a friendly smile.

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