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Monthly Archives: June 2014

  • How to Store Your Collection of Buttons

    Button Storage Ideas

    Buttons do more than just close and open your clothes.  For those who are avid crafters, the possibilities of great buttons placed strategically on craft projects can create images and designs that are boundless.  Only your imagination can place a limit to what buttons can do.  But they can be used on absolutely every craft project imaginable.

    If you have your very own supply of good quality wholesale buttons that you recently purchased from us, it’s time to organise and store them the way that they deserve.  If you throw all your buttons in one single jar, you know for sure that it will take you time to find that one gold 4-hole button that you desperately need right in that moment.  If you’re impatient, you’ll be dropping all your buttons from the jar on the table to find that once special piece.  And you wouldn't want to do that every time you look for a specific button, do you?

    Properly placed and stored buttons will not only give you great convenience, but it will also add a professional organisational touch to your sewing/craft area.

    Here are 6 Great Ideas to Store Your Collection of Buttons

    1. Buy a counter top wine rack and some clear glass jars with lids that can fit into the spaces.  Organise your buttons by colour or design and place them in individual jars.  Carefully place them on the wine rack and place on table or shelf.  Cute and organized, it will also be easier for you to see the buttons you’ll be looking for.
    2. A simple but practical way to store your buttons is to place them in a flat plastic toolbox.  Buy one with as many dividers as possible so you can separate the buttons by colour and design.
    3. If you have covered boxes at home, simply place the buttons inside, still separating them by colour and design.  Since you can’t see what’s inside the boxes, glue or tape one of the buttons on the front or top lid of the box so you know which boxes contain which buttons.
    4. Another simple idea is to buy small fish bowls.  Easily divide your buttons and place them inside the fish bowl.  This is the most convenient way to store your buttons as you can see them directly, and dip your hands inside without having to open a lid or take them out of a shelf. This is only good if you have plenty of space as they take up a bit of room to have them laid out like this.
    5. If you want the cheapest way to store buttons, place them in plastic Ziploc.  You can see through the plastic and seal them securely.  They won’t take up much space and you can easily store them in a drawer.
    6. And lastly, the most creative idea of all, if you've got a few special buttons like vintage ones, or made with special details or crystals, get a piece of pretty fabric and baste them on.  It’s the cutest way to store them without having to worry about losing them in your craft room.  You can even hang the fabric on a wall for decoration and easy access.

    Buttons are very tricky to store because they’re mostly tiny.  They serve two purposes – for function and embellishments so you need to have them in close proximity to where you’re working.  Try any of these ideas for easy storage and access to your wholesale buttons. Take a look at our great range of wholesale buttons we have for sale here.

  • Why YOU Should Buy From Craft Wholesalers

    The Benefits Of Buying Wholesale Craft Supplies

    Yes, buying from wholesalers saves you a ton of money.  Obviously, that’s the greatest advantage of buying from a craft wholesaler.  But what about the other reasons why you should choose to buy from a wholesaler rather than from a retail store?

    If you only need some craft supplies for a small project, then by all means, buying from a retail store is much more convenient for you.  But if you really think about it, if you and your friends were to buy in bulk from a wholesaler, then you’d all be saving money plus you’ll have some extra materials should your project fail.  If your craft project doesn’t look too good, then you’d have to go back to the store and buy more materials.  How convenient would it have been if you bought a dozen at half the price and have extra materials should anything go wrong?

    Wholesale means buying in bulk at a much lower price.  So if you only need one piece, then it wouldn't make sense if you bought 11 more pieces.  But if you’re an avid crafter or hobbyist, you know how convenient it is to have materials readily available at the house even when you didn't really need them when you bought them.

    If you have a business, then buying from a craft supply wholesaler is something you will of already experienced and be involved in.  When you sell at retail price, you’d want to get the most profit as possible and you can only do that if you get your supplies from  a company set up as a wholesaler. They get better prices as they buy in bulk so they can pass those savings on to you. This way when you retail the craft materials you can still make a good margin and probably be cheaper than the main high street.

    If you’re an individual however, it can be difficult to buy in bulk from certain wholesalers.  Some businesses strictly operate from business to business.  The other definition of wholesale is transactions made from one business to another.  This means they won’t sell to you unless you have your own store or you have registered first as a sole trader business.

    If you’re already selling products on-line or from your home and you really need to buy supplies from a wholesaler but they have strict conditions, then you can still register as a business using your home address even if you don’t have a physical bricks and mortar store. You can then show your business registration number so the supplier can sell their products to you.  Getting VAT registered is another level and for all information on registering a business go to

    Besides, if you've been selling your crafts for quite some time, you have probably already done that but if you now need to step it up a level the above website is the place to go.  You’ll be hitting two birds with one stone in this case.

    Aside from the obvious reasons like more value for your money, saves you time, and convenience, the greatest thing about buying from a craft wholesaler is the strong relationship you’ll get to build with your supplier.  Having a good business relationship with your supplier is key to having a good retail business.

    The longer you trade with them then usually you get better deals, better info on new products, being the first to try products. So it's very worth your while to have good relationships with your suppliers, but only if the price is right. Always be looking out for the best price to protect your margins and your long term profits, as your customers are going to want good prices too remember.

  • Great Ribbon Tidy Idea

    This is a great idea if you have just purchased your lovely wholesale ribbons from us and want to keep them neat and tidy. Just find an old shoe box and cut slits on one side, poke the ribbon through the slit and neatly stack each colour next to each other. Then you can draw out as much as you need and cut it off, good idea to keep your crafting scissors in the same box. Enjoy

    Ribbon Tidy

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