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Monthly Archives: September 2013

  • The Keys to a Successful Website for Your Retail Business

    Having a website for your retail business is very important and relevant these days. The world wide web has completely transformed the way people do business. A lot of people are now doing their shopping online as it saves time and effort. All they need to do is visit a website, look at the products, give some information, pay for the products, and their items will get shipped. They no longer have to physically visit stores and take time away from work and their family to buy the products that they need.
    If you have a retail business, having a website can bring your business more income. But having a website that works is not enough, you have to create and build it to make your customer’s online shopping experience an easy and pleasant one.
    Here are the keys to a successful website for your retail business:

    Show Pictures of your Products
    You can’t sell products that customers don’t see. So put the best pictures of your products and in as many angles as possible. Make your photos simple and direct. Add brief but detailed descriptions, and of course, the price. You can also add some customer reviews if there are any. A picture says a thousand words so make your photos as clear and direct as possible. Good quality photography is very important to your business do not scrimp in this area.

    Make Ordering Process Easy
    These days, customers don’t have all the time in the world because of their busy schedules. They’re shopping online because they want to save time. If your ordering process is too complicated, they’ll move on and buy somewhere else. So make it as simple and as fast as possible. Place an “Add to Cart” button that will direct your customer to the page where they need to provide their credit card and shipping details. Customers hate waiting especially online, you have around 4 seconds for something to load or they are gone so make sure the steps are easy.

    If you want your customer to buy more products from you, you can also suggest other related items. For example, if they buy a blanket from your site, maybe they’d also like a pillowcase to go with it. So create a tool that will give your customers suggestions, such as buttons with “You might also like…” where you show them pictures of suggested items.

    Contact Information
    Customers want to feel secure when they buy from you. With so many bogus websites and scams out there, you can’t blame your customers from feeling a tad bit concerned about their credit card security. So give out your office or store address, email, phone number, and the contact information of your customer service.
    Provide Information on Policies and other Terms and Conditions
    Provide information about returns and exchanges, refunds, and warranties. People will feel secure when they know what to do in case the product arrives to them in a less than pleasant condition. The more information the better. Providing a pleasant and safe shopping environment for your customers is very important.

    Design Your Website With The Customer In Mind
    If you’re catering to a female demographic , make your website design appealing to them. Maybe you can use pink, red, or orange colours throughout your site. You can also add flowers or other things that attract female customers. If your customers are people who will be going to the beach, then put some photos or images of the ocean and people hanging out at the beach. Create your website for your specific target customer.

    More information on how to make your your website attractive to customers click here

  • Using Pinterest for Your Wholesale Craft Business

    Social media is such a powerful tool. You get to reach millions of people online with just a click of a mouse. If you're in the business of selling wholesale crafts, one of the best social media platforms you can use to boost your business is Pinterest.

    Pinterest is a photo sharing website using a pin board style. Among the social media platforms online, it ranks as 3rd in engagement, only coming in next to Facebook and Twitter. Among its users, about 80% are women, where the average time they spend on the site every month is 90 minutes. Many people are attracted to Pinterest because of the beautiful images. The site allows you to create and manage collections based on a certain theme, which is a function that is beloved by many, especially women who love to do DIY and crafts. If you want to use Pinterest for your Wholesale Craft Business, here are some tips so you can make the most out of the website:

    Share Your Products
    Since it's an image-based site, you can post photos of your products and create collections based on a certain material, use or whatever category. Better yet, create Pinterest collections of finished products using materials that you sell. For example, you sell wholesale buttons. Why not show finished crafts using your very own buttons? It could be a lamp embellished with different colored buttons, or a purse. By showing your audience how they can use your products to create easy and beautiful projects, you get to inspire them to make the very same projects.

    What's great about Pinterest is that others can "re-pin" your posts and add them to their very own Pinterest collections, making your post more visible.

    Add to Gifts
    There's a function on Pinterest that lets users "pin" images on their Gifts section. You can put price tags on your photos and even add the link to your website. Pinterest allows businesses to promote their products on the site so when your followers add them to their "Gifts" collection, they can look at your images, click on your link, and go to your site where they can buy your products.

    Inform and Educate
    A lot of Pinterest users post DIY projects on the site. Another great way to show your users how to use your products is to teach them how to do it. People today are very visual and when you post step-by-step photos on how to make crafts using the products that you sell, it will be easier for them to create their very own projects.

    The key to making a successful marketing strategy on Pinterest is to start small. Yes, you want your account to be filled with all the products that you're selling, but don't go overboard. It's best to start small and work your way into creating connections with users. Always remember that most of the users on the site are women, so it's a great idea to create your collections in a manner that is appealing to women.

    Pinterest keeps growing and is the 4th largest social media platform in the world. This is one of the best places to get your craft wholesale or retail business really noticed so make sure you use it.

    If you want to find out more about creating a Pinterest account click here

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